Border “Security Theater” as “Mission”


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Border “Security Theater” as “Mission”

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Security Theater,” at its worst.

At DJT’s (Donald J Trump) order, 4k ArNG (Army National Gaurd) troops have been authorized to be “deployed to our southern border” to “assist with border security.” To date, only 200 have actually arrived there.

Well, they’re Army Troopers. “Protecting our nation’s borders,” it would seem, falls within their job description.

Now, for the disappointing truth!

1) None of these ARNG Troopers are “deployed” anywhere near the border. They are staged all many miles away, not actively “protecting” anything!

2) Not a single one of these “highly trained” members of our ‘armed forces” is actually armed, nor do they have access to arms, nor ammunition. They are, by order, completely defenseless.

3) Most spend their days standing around, doing nothing. What little work that can be found for them to do includes fixing flat tires and shoveling horse manure. We might call it “tactical loitering.”

4) ARNG Troopers are not allowed to join border patrols nor ride-alongs, make arrests, nor even detain illegal immigrants (in the unlikely event they ever saw one).

5) The main (and really only) goal of their risk-averse “commanders” is “keeping them out of trouble” and “away from dangerous situations”


I thought “dangerous situations” were the stock-and-trade of soldiers?

Apparently not today!

Today, fictional “theater” is their only “mission.”

I am surprised and dismayed that DJT and Mattis would allow this disgusting and dangerous fraud to continue.

Such false dramatics we would expect from the sleazy BHO Administration, but DJT was supposed to get rid of this kind of contemptuous disrespect for both the mission and they personal safety of these courageous young men and women who have so magnificently volunteered to serve their County.

Both DJT and Mattis have flunked this Test.

Honesty and courage are rare commodities among politicians.

Rare indeed.

“If the highest aim of a captain were merely to preserve his ship, he would never leave harbor.” ~ Thomas Aquinas


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