Blackhawk unveils new MBOSS Holster at NRA-AM

The MBOSS holster by Blackhawk brings leather into a more modern age. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

After hinting at a new holster last week, tactical gear maker Blackhawk officially debuted the MBOSS to consumers at the NRA’s Annual Meeting.

The MBOSS holster series melds the traditional feel of leather with a more modern look reminiscent of a polymer style holster.

“Designed to be an extension of you, MBOSS holsters deliver user comfort and adaptability to any situation. The unique surface blends the tactical look and feel with the everyday carry world to provide a holster that performs at any level,” Blackhawk said in a statement.

The MBOSS offers an area designed to allow users to naturally index their trigger finger.  (Photo: Jacki Billings)

The MBOSS, engineered in the U.S., was created to offer concealers a variety of carry positions inside or outside the waistband. Crafted to include an area to index the trigger finger, the holster aims to encourage better handling on the draw. Dan Rice, President of Blackhawk, told the new holster series targets the younger generation of shooters.

“We wanted to introduce a younger audience to leather,” Rice said. “The MBOSS looks like a polymer holster but feels like leather. It’s durable, long-lasting and has a fun style.”

The holster will eventually ship in five total styles — Compact, IWB with clip, IWB, Speed Classic and 3 Slot.

The MBOSS by Blackhawk starts at $79 with an expected ship date of summer 2018.

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