Birchwood Casey serves up three new firearm cleaning kit

The cleaning kits offer specific tools to help clean each firearm platform. (Photos: Birchwood Casey, Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Birchwood Casey adds more cleaning components to its arsenal of gun accessories, announcing the arrival of three new firearm cleaning kits each designed for a singular firearm platform.

The kits — a handgun cleaning kit, rifle cleaning kit and shotgun cleaning kit — ship in an organized carrying case featuring appropriate brushes and jags for each style of gun. The kits come with a muzzle guard guide and utility brush to tackle all popular calibers and gauges. In addition, the rod sections and free-floating handle pair together to offer a sturdy cleaning rod that can scrub dirt and grime off barrels, according to the company.

The Handgun Cleaning Kit features 13 total pieces for comprehensive cleaning on pistols for $19 while the Rifle Cleaning Kit introduces 17 cleaning pieces for $24. The Shotgun Cleaning Kit rounds out the series with 10 cleaning pieces to include mops that fit both 20 gauge and 12 gauge guns priced at $22.

The kits are available through Birchwood Casey.

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