Birchwood Casey has new Dirty Bird targets for visible hits


Two of the new Dirty Bird target designs. (Images: Birchwood Casey)

Minnesota-based Birchwood Casey announced this week the release of three new versions of their popular Dirty Bird targets.

Like others in the Dirty Bird series, the new designs show bullet splatter at points of impact, allowing shooters to see hits on target even at distance. All are non-adhesive and printed on thick, durable paper that resists tearing in the elements. The new designs have generous margin area for notes and score-keeping.

Among the new targets is a 12 x 18-inch board with six bullseyes, facilitating extended practice, zeroing, or friendly competition. Another 12×18 target features the customary Birchwood Casey “bad guy,” this time covered by an IPSC-style silhouette showing A/B/C zones. A-zone hits show up with orange splatter indicators. Hits outside the vital A zones show up as white.

Both 12×18 styles are priced $12.70 for an eight-pack, or in multiples of 100 for $1.40 each.

The third new design is a 16.5 x 24-inch bullseye-style target with an orange ten-ring and royal blue background. Shots show up as white splatter regardless of placement. This larger design is made with rapid target acquisition practice in mind.

The large bullseye Dirty Bird is $12.70 for three or $3.40 each when purchased in multiples of 100.

Dirty Bird targets can be purchased directly from Birchwood Casey or via distributors.

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