Beretta Expands 92X Series with Four New Pistols

Beretta 92X series (9)

The four new Beretta 92X pistols all use the “thin” Vertec profile frame, but are still backward compatible with legacy 92 parts. Top left to right: the railed Compact; Centurion; (rail-less) Compact, and, bottom, is the 92X Full-Size (All Photos: Chris Eger/

Beretta  on Thursday expanded their 92X series by adding four new handgun models, each one tailored to fit modern shooting needs. The new 9mm 92X guns, in Full-Size, Centurion, Compact and Compact Rail configurations, are intended to be an ideal fit for those who need a handgun for dynamic shooting or defensive purposes.

Built on the Vertec profile frame with a straight backstrap and updated grip options, the guns all feature a round trigger guard, beveled magazine well, chrome-lined barrel with a recessed target crown, front and back cross checkering on the grip frame, and combat sights with dovetailed fronts. The guns use a steel trigger and mag release.

Beretta 92X series

To understand where the new handgun line falls inside Beretta’s expansive Model 92 line, the 92X series is loaded with features and upgrades not found in the more vanilla 92FS/M9 pistols while coming in at a price that is more affordable than the M9A3 and the semi-custom Langdon Tactical/Wilson Combat 92G series guns.

As such, the 92X series have full backward compatibility with all 90-series magazines and railed accessories while the front sights and grip panels are compatible with M9A3 models. Internal components are compatible with legacy 90 series parts of similar size while the double-action/single-action types (F/S, G) can be swapped.

The 92X Full-Size uses a 4.7-inch barrel to produce a pistol that is 8.5-inches long overall with a 6.22-inch sight radius. It comes with three 17-round magazines (with 10 and 15 round mags available to meet state limits) and weighs 33.4-ounces. Like the rest of the series, it comes with newly redesigned grip panels as well as a set of branded wraparounds with aggressive texturing. MSRP is $899.

Beretta 92X series Full size with new grips

The texturing on these new polymer grips is very aggressive and can always be toned down with an application of sandpaper should the user desire less purchase. Beretta also has optional G10 wraparounds available and any M9A3 panels will work.

The 92X Centurion is fundamentally a Commander-sized companion to the Full-Size with a shorter 4.3-inch barrel length that translates to a 7.75-inch overall length and a sight radius that is 6-inches flat. This trims the weight down to 28.5-ounces while keeping everything else on the Full-Size models, including the $899 MSRP.

The 92X Compact, offered in both an M1913 railed model and one with a classic smooth dust cover for those who aren’t looking to add accessories, has the Centurion-length slide and barrel on a shorter frame (5.25-inches high, versus the standard 5.4-inch) to produce a handgun more suited for concealed carry. Due to the chopped down frame, the Compact has a smaller mag capacity — 13 rounds– but also comes in a little lighter, hitting the scales at 27-ounces.

The Beretta 92X Compact with the classic smooth dustcover

The Beretta 92X Compact with the classic smooth dustcover

Beretta tells us the Compact is backward compatible with standard and extended capacity 92-series mags, they just won’t flush with the bottom of the mag well. MSRP on the railed 92X Compact is $899 while the one with the smooth dust cover is $800.

92X Full-Size compared to the 92X Compact with a smooth dust cover

92X Full-Size compared to the 92X Compact with a smooth dust cover.

The sights as standard on these 92X guns are a high-visibility orange front sight on a Vertec dovetail with blacked-out combat rears.

The sights as standard on these 92X guns are a high-visibility orange front sight on a Vertec dovetail with blacked-out combat rears.

“Beretta USA is proud to introduce the new 92X family. This new line of pistols add to the long and rich heritage of the 90 series line. The new 92x family is a true combat-proven, modern classic,” said Erik Stern, Tactical and Pro Shop Product Manager.

The four new models complement the 92X Performance, which was teased at trade shows earlier this year. Coming in at a hefty 48-ounces due to its steel frame and heavier Brigadier slide, features Beretta’s new Extreme-S trigger mechanism which decreases trigger reset by up to 40 percent — down to just millimeters of travel back from the wall. MSRP on the 92X Performance is $1,399.

Beretta 92X Performance

The very sweet 92X Performance was on hand at Beretta’s Pistol Summit this week in Virginia, sporting pre-production grips. To give an idea of the difference between the aluminum-framed 92X cousins and this steel-framed comp gun, the Performance is 1.25-pound heavier.

Beretta 92X Performance

It also ships in a very nice lockable branded case

As for availability, Beretta tells that the four Bruniton-finished (black) 92X models are in stock and will begin shipping to dealers this week while the Nistan-finished 92X Performance is expected to be available in October. Of note, the Performace is produced in Italy while the rest of the 92X series is all-American made in Beretta’s Gallatin, Tennessee facility.

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