AWR Hawkins on The Wilkow Majority: WWII Vets Prove They Are ‘Greatest Generation’

World War II veterans
World War II veterans
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Washington DC – -( During the October 3 airing of The Wilkow Majority, Breitbart News' AWR Hawkins joined Andrew Wilkow to discuss the way America's World War II veterans continue to prove the greatness of their generation.

Wilkow opened by talking about the barricades placed around D.C.'s World War II monument on Oct 2, and he took time to explain exactly how the order to shut the memorial “came from the president.” To this, Hawkins responded, “The people who lost–or would have lost–in this barricade situation are our World War II vets.”

Hawkins' continued: “That Obama would sacrifice these honorable men brought into DC on ‘Honor Flights'–that he would sacrifice these men after the price they paid. To me it is the greatest travesty that this man has committed in five years and he has committed a number of them.”

Wilkow then spoke to his listeners:

Can you imagine the conundrum of a Parks police officer or a Capitol police officer. You are standing in front of men who may have been in Iwo Jima, or Pearl Harbor, or the beaches of Normandy, or behind enemy lines–only God knows where they could have served–and you're going to stand there and threaten them with arrest and incarceration? I saw pictures, some of these [vets] are in wheelchairs.

In response, Hawkins referenced Dale Williams with Amarillo, TX's “Honor Flights” program. Hawkins talked of how Williams travels with vets on these flights to D.C., where he watches men in wheelchairs stand and salute–as best they can–when the wreath is carried and placed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Meanwhile, the current occupant of the White House tries to keep them from entering their own memorial.

Hawkins added: “Thank goodness [our World War II vets] stormed those barricades with the same courage they stormed that beach with. Had they not done that, he would have kept them locked out. That's what we are dealing with in the White House.”

Wilkow followed this by talking about the sense of duty that permeated the World War II generation. He spoke of his grandpa, who dropped out of high school to join the Army during World War II. He said his grandpa dropped out to join because at age 17 as he was too young to be eligible for the draft. Wilkow said, “He has to be rolling in his grave [over this].”

Hawkins' concurred, saying World War II vets were young at “a time when you knew you did whatever you had to do for your country. Your country was first. Your country was bigger than your own life… That's why they are, and always will be remembered as the greatest generation.”

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