ATF Approved Pistol Storage Device

USA – -( Pistol Mounted Solutions has officially begun shipping its flagship product, the all-new Pistol Storage Device. This is a hot accessory for the growing AR pistol market, and the answer for many enthusiasts.

Pistol Mounted Solutions Pistol Storage Device

The PSD fits on any pistol that uses an AR-style pistol buffer-tube, and can easily fit the majority of all pistol tubes ranging from 1.25”- 1.18”. Developed by industry experts who acknowledged the need for pistol storage options in law enforcement, close quarters tactics operations as well as responsible armed civilians looking for an adequate storage space when all others options such as duty belts and concealed carry options were either exhausted or simply not available.

100% made in the USA, the Pistol Storage Device is built out of strong, DuPont Zytel material and weighs in at less than 8 oz. It features Nitrided steel hardware for the ultimate in durability and corrosion resistance and utilizes automotive grade tubing to prevent cracking and deformation.

Along with it’s light weight, other particular qualities that make the Pistol Storage Device attractable are it’s wider surface area, making it more comfortable to shoot, and it’s confirmed ATF approval to not change the type status of the weapon it is mounted on.

The pistol storage device is significantly more functional than a pistol-brace and most importantly, according to the ATF: Installation of the Pistol Storage Device does not change the classification of the pistol to a short-barreled-rifle (SBR) avoiding significant regulatory compliance challenges.

Pistol Storage Device is patented with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Pistol Mounted Solutions Pistol Storage Device
Pistol Mounted Solutions Pistol Storage Device