Armageddon Gear unveils new nylon shooting products

The Brokos Belt, pictured above, is one of three new products from Armageddon Gear. (Photo: Armageddon Gear)

Armageddon Gear debuts three new nylon styled shooting products, created in conjunction with Lead Faucet Tactical founder Dan Brokos.

All American made, the new digs include the aptly named Brokos Belt, Brokos Dump Pouch and LFT Lightweight Carbine Sling. The Brokos Belt kicks off the LFT series, featuring either multicam or black and with sizes ranging from medium to 2XL. Crafted to work as either a standalone unit or alongside the Velcro loop-faced inner belt, the Brokos Belt is lined with Velcro for added stability. Boasting a polymer reinforced outer belt smothered in a laser-cut Cordura laminate material, the Brokos Belt measures three-inches tall. Using PALS attaching points, the belt accepts all the pouches and accessories shooters desire. The belt is priced at $149.

The Brokos LFT Lightweight Carbine Sling and Brokos Dump Pouch round out the new goodies from Armageddon Gear. (Photo: Armageddon Gear)

The Brokos Dump Pouch follows the belt, offered in Coyote Brown. Retailing for $52, the Dump Pouch offers a reinforced top opening paired with a rigid scuba webbing liner that allows the mouth of the pouch to remain open. The body itself was constructed utilizing a heavy duty mesh body which gives water, dirt and debris a means to flow through the fabric instead of collecting in the gear itself. The design is topped off with attached weaving straps for use on PALS webbing, i.e. the Brokos Belt, as well as a belt channel for use directly on shooter’s favorite gun belts.

Finishing up the new products from Armageddon Gear is the LFT Lightweight Carbine Sling. The sling was created to grant shooters a means to easily transition from strong to support side in a variety of shooting positions. The 2-point design features lightweight material that, according to Armageddon, “is so light and pliable the rolled-up sling almost fits in a damn can of Copenhagen.” The LFT sling offers a price tag of $54.

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