Anti-Gun Radicals Reveal Their Psychosis When Trying to Ban Toys

Opinion By Dan Wos
Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

USA – -( It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to recognize when people are overtaken by politically-driven, emotional hysteria.

a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.]

The latest cry for gun-control is being perpetrated on children in an attack on a toy gun called the Nerf Ultra One Blaster. The Empire State Consumer Project is in a tizzy over this toy because they believe it will encourage children to become mass-murderers.

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The group said, “Nerf is contributing to a culture where kids are afraid to go to school because of school shootings.”

If you were born in the ’80s or earlier, you may remember a time when kids could play with toy guns and not be accused of becoming future killers. Children played cops & robbers, cowboys & Indians and it never led to them committing mass-murder. According to some of the Anti-Gunners who are speaking out against fun, these toys may now be responsible for the violence in our society. Never mind Sanctuary cities where criminals run free and citizens are put at risk, gun-free zones where people become vulnerable targets because they are disarmed, rampant pharmaceutical drug use, welfare dependency, the normalization of abortion and the support of violent politically motivated groups like Antifa.

Nope. Toy guns. Gotta ban ‘em.

These radical anti-gun activists may be afraid to look at the real causes of violence in our society because much of the violence we see actually stems from government policies that they support. In response to Hasbro’s release of the Nerf Ultra One Blaster some of our anti-gun friends had this to say:

Director of the Empire State Consumer Project, Carol Chittenden says the toys set a bad example for children. “It’s a matter of this being a very vulnerable consumer group. Children buy what they see and we’re not sure this is driven by market demand for assault weapon toys by children or the industry creating the demand,”

Correction Carol. Parents buy the toys they approve of and toy stores have whole isles dedicated to these toy guns. So there is market demand. Is Carol suggesting that parents are incapable of parenting their own children and now need her to oversee their decisions? “Assault weapon toys?” Really Carol? Is it a weapon or a toy? Make up your mind and let’s get back to reality.

According to an article on, the consumer group says a Hasbro commercial pushes families to buy bigger guns with more ammunition.

Yup. That’s their goal. The same company that produces “Mr. Potato Head” has a secret mission to encourage families that their guns aren’t big enough. Now would be a good time to revisit the definition “psychosis” at the top of this article.

Debbie Cutter, a Canadaguia resident said, “There’s too much violence in our world, especially gun violence in the United States. So it’s not a good thing to set a precedent when your a kid of a gun like that.”

Lisa Lagana, a Rochester resident said, “Actually kinda shocking to see that whole kinda round of bullets like on the gun itself…”

We can thank our American media for generating a consistent parade of scary anti-gun propaganda and pushing it on people who don’t know any better, for these delusional comments. Debbie and Lisa seem to have no idea what they are talking about, but I’ll bet they’re scared to death of guns.

Some people believe this stuff because they can’t decipher the difference between fantasy and reality when it comes to guns. The irrational gun-fear we see in our society is a mental monster and it’s tormenting the minds of emotionally-reactive people. Child experts say there is no research or data that proves a child who plays with toy guns will become violent, no matter how badly the anti-gun crowd wants it to be so.

Dr. Michael Thompson, child psychologist says “Everyone has an informal causation theory that playing with guns leads to the use of guns in adulthood, yet most adult men who did engage in gun play as children do not commit violent crimes.”

Dr. Daniel Stauber of Community Psychological Consultants in Indiana says “It all depends on the child. There is nothing inherently good or bad about kids playing with toy guns.” Guns aren’t the problem… people are.

So, Relax people. We’re talking about a Nerf gun that shoots a foam dart. You don’t die upon getting hit with one. You laugh. It’s nothing more than that, regardless of the heinous visuals the Anti-Gunners may have in their own minds. The idea that guns (real or otherwise) could cause people to act violently, reveals the dangerous and dark thoughts that are occurring in the minds of the gun-grabbers. So, to the Anti-Gun fear-mongers, those thoughts of murder, death, violence, and bloodshed. They’re yours. Now join us in the real world and let your kids be kids.

Dan Wos
Dan Wos

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