Ammo Ban Raises Over $1 Million, Help Us FIGHT

Help crush Newsom's ammo ban
Help crush Newsom’s ammo ban
Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

Roseville, CA -( Dear Gun Rights Supporter,

Gavin Newsom’s Ammo Ban is just not slowing down. This quarter alone, he has raised over $1 million. And that is just income from people who gave over $5,000. The rest of it won’t be seen until the Secretary of State releases that data.

But we have always known that Gavin Newsom and his millionaire donors would dump in massive amounts of money to a cause that strips us of our rights.

In order to keep pace, however, and meet our quarterly filing deadline that ends March 31st at 11:59PM please consider giving what you can so that we can stand between the liberal elitists and the Second Amendment.

Help Us Keep Pace With the Ammo Ban

As we told you before, Newsom and his anti-gun pals have the full backing of the largest state-wide Democratic party in America. And they are more than willing to step up and take away your gun rights.

Additionally, Newsom has been able to convince anti-gun elitists in the Bay Area to come to the table with their seemingly unlimited supply of money.

If you don’t believe us, you can view his donation tracking sheet here.

The media is not reporting any of this to the public. California residents have no idea that the Ammo Ban is this close to becoming reality and that millionaire elitists are lining up in droves to strip them of their rights.

Millions of good, law-abiding people don’t even know that their right to buy ammunition will be severely restricted. 

But we know we can combat the lies being spread by the anti-gun elitists.

We need to connect with and educate millions of voters before they vote next November. And we need to register even more before then.

The frustrating reality, however, is that defending your rights — and guns — from the claws of this insidious ballot initiative and the nearly unlimited funds of anti-gun elitists and the Democratic Party is going to be expensive.

So I’m asking for your help, right now, so that we can move forward to Stop Newsom.


FPC SADC has already been in the trenches, distributing voter guides at gun shows and gun stores.

And we’re actively building a powerful operations network for our voter registration drive.

But it will take millions of connections with law-abiding citizens if we’re going to Stop Newsom when it counts.

Winning in 2016 means ramping up to fight back right now. There’s just no time to waste. We need to keep pace and match our goals at the quarterly deadline before it is too late!

Please help us gain momentum TODAY — so we can Stop Newsom tomorrow.

For Liberty,

Richard Thomson
Grassroots Director
Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee


Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee (FPC SADC) is a primarily formed political action committee (PAC) sponsored by Firearms Policy Coalition. FPC SADC’s mission is to oppose and defeat Gavin Newsom’s gun control ballot proposal and defend the fundamental, individual Second Amendment civil rights of all law-abiding people.

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