Americans Reject Elites on National Security

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Americans Reject Elites on National Security
Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

USA – -( In a stunning new survey, Matt Towery, Jr., head of Opinion Savvy, discovered that a majority of the American people oppose the national security policies of the elites.

The implications of this survey for the upcoming presidential election and Senate races could be extraordinary.

Towery had the courage to ask more politically incorrect questions than I have ever seen in one survey.

The results are heavily in favor of defending Americans from danger and against political correctness when dealing with Islamic supremacism and Sharia law. By margins of 5-1 or even 10-1, depending on the question, Americans repudiate the Clinton-Obama policies of weakness and political correctness.

“The results indicate that Americans’ views are somewhat at odds with the current model of national security, particularly with regard to screening visitors to the United States,” Towery said.

“The survey contacted registered voters on the evenings of June 19th and 20th on their landline telephones and mobile devices. As with all of our surveys, the final data was weighted for several demographic variables to reflect the composition of the electorate.”

In all, the survey results reveal the extent of the alienation between the American people and the political elites on national security.

For example, 67 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the United States’ effort to fight terrorism, compared to just 27 percent who are satisfied.

The intensity of this disapproval is reflected in the fact that 53 percent of respondents say they are very dissatisfied and less than 10 percent are very satisfied. This is a stunning 5-1 margin opposed to the status quo.

By 70 percent to 14 percent, Americans believe that visitors to the United States should be screened for supporters of Sharia law. This is another 5-1 ratio.

Among the 70 percent who believe in screening, 80 percent would block them from entering the United States and only 8.7 percent would admit them. This is more than a 9-1 margin. Thus 56 percent of all Americans oppose supporters of Sharia law entering the country.

Americans are very hard-line about U.S. citizens who swear allegiance to ISIS and other terrorist groups. By 83 percent to 8, Americans support stripping such people of their American citizenship.

While millions of Americans support the Second Amendment and their constitutional right to bear arms, they do not think that these rights apply to suspected terrorists. According to the survey, 88 percent of Americans believe suspected terrorists should not be allowed to buy weapons, compared to only 3.3 percent who disagree.

While Americans overwhelmingly believe that suspected terrorists should not have access to guns, they do not support banning guns for ordinary citizens. Even so-called “assault” weapons have very significant support, with 44 percent opposing a ban on them and 49 percent approving the proposal. Given the much greater intensity among Second Amendment supporters, it is no wonder that these measures keep failing in Congress (the Democrats’ current “sit-in” notwithstanding).

This poll begins to outline a new American consensus on defending America and decisively repudiating the elite’s weaknesses.

It is worth your reading and thinking about in detail for yourself.

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Duplicity by Newt Gingrich :

National Security and Issues Poll 6/21/2016

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