American Trigger Sports Network Needs Your Help With Telly Awards

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USA –-( My friends at American Trigger Sports Network have two submissions for the 33rd Annual Telly Awards, “honor[ing] the very best film & video productions, groundbreaking online video content, and outstanding local, regional, & cable TV commercials and programs.”

I’m asking the regular readership to support their entries for several reasons, the most important being to encourage even more programming that presents firearms and associated rights in a positive light–with the preponderance of so much hostile televised media, consider this one more critical front that informed citizens must man. Sure, things like awards could be dismissed easily enough by the cynical, but every bit of positive sentiment we can introduce into the public forum is important, individually and for a cumulative effect.

On top of that, regulars here know I’ve been working with host James B. Towle and the ATSN crew for several years now, and my personal testimonial is you will not find a more dedicated group of professionals–who continually and creatively provide unique, entertaining and informative “pro-gun” programming–and who do not not forget the responsibility to also champion the liberty principles behind the sports they love. I can think of no current television efforts that merit wider public awareness, and the growing success of this venture can help spawn untold others–and all the while note you’re not seeing any popular demand for shows like “Let’s All Disarm with the Bradys!” so this is another niche “we” can dominate.

That’s why I’m asking you to go to the Telly website and watch the trailer for “Stop the Threat: The Jogger,” where an expert panel analyzes an attack reenactment (the full episode is available here) and for the “Houston Liberty Festival,” raising money to help build homes for disabled war veterans (with the full program online here), and if you agree with me, give these entries a “thumbs up.”

I’m told the voting will be open until June 8 and that we can vote daily/multiple times/day. Please take a moment to do this and to spread the word. To that end, feel free to repro and share this article in total.

And one final note–I don’t know what it is about the Telly website and recording votes, but it is recommended that IE users do it with a different browser like Firefox or Safari.

Remember–just go here and here and give each video a “thumbs up.” And tell your friends.

And while you’re at it, bookmark ATSNTV’s website, their Pursuit Channel site, and be sure to watch them if you subscribe to DIRECTV (Channel 608 PRST) or DISH Network(Channel 240 HUNT).

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David Codrea is a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He is a field editor for GUNS Magazine, and a blogger at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. Read more at

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