American Tactical Imports Distributes Drago Gear

Drago Gear
American Tactical Imports Distributes Drago Gear
American Tactical Imports
American Tactical Imports

ROCHESTER, NY –-( American Tactical Imports is now the proud distributor of Drago Gear tactical equipment.

ATI is pleased to distribute Drago Gear. This equipment is everything you need in a tactical situation–it’s tough and reliable but with a polished finish giving you total edge when you need it most.

Drago Gear products have Tough etched into their DNA. Engineered to exacting specifications, each piece of Drago equipment is built to last longer, look better, and exceed expectations in terms of performance, strength, and functionality to give you the best value available.

Drago offers the following tactical equipment:

  •  Backpacks: Drago Backpacks are designed to allow the wearer to comfortably carry and efficiently access their gear while on the go. Manufactured for maximum durability, Drago backpacks will outlast the toughest jobs and keep equipment protected from the harshest environments, time and time again.
  • Handcuffs: Drago Handcuffs are durable, secure and professional grade. They feature a double-lock system and are available in black, nickel or stainless steel.
  • Tactical Gun Cases: Drago Tactical Weapon Cases are designed to optimally secure and protect long guns, and come equipped with multiple storage areas to efficiently organize ammunition and accessories.
  • Side Packs: Side packs enable operatives to travel lighter and longer than is possible with traditional backpacks, while still allowing access to the equipment and documents they need, when they need them. Drago side packs offer an uncommon level of versatility and maneuverability that is simply not possible when using other tactical equipment.
  • Tactical Pens: Drago Tactical Pens represent a unique combination – they are at once fine writing instruments and formidable weapons of protection. Featuring attractive designs and premium ink cartridges, one quick, well-placed thrust of a Drago Tactical Pen can generate enough stopping power to bring down even the most violent aggressor.
  • Batons: The skillful use of a Drago baton can bring a dangerous adversary under control in seconds. Regardless of which weapon is appropriate for the particular situation – either the Drago PR24 or the Drago expandable baton – these tools can defuse most threatening adversaries quickly and decisively.

About Drago Gear
Drago Gear exists to provide global operatives and law enforcement personnel around the globe with the toughest, most mission-ready tactical equipment in existence. Regardless of the challenges of your particular mission, Drago Gear offers products to support you, including precision-engineered backpacks, sidepacks, weapon cases, tactical vests, handcuffs, batons, and more.

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