America’s Gun-Haters Are Only Biding Their Time


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We all know what they want, the gun-grabbers that is. They tell us, just not in so many words. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper beneath the surface – but the truth is always in there somewhere, buried for us to unearth. Like many things in life, you just have to find it, and in this case, your greatest tool is logic. It’s also the worst enemy of the freedom haters, and they’re just too dumb to know it.

To my point, I’ll start (and end) with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT). At 6:42 PM on March,16th 2019, just a few days ago, Murphy sent this target-rich tweet:

Nobody needs an AR-15 to hunt.

Nobody needs a semi-automatic rifle to defend their home.

But mass shooters NEED these weapons in order to murder as many people as efficiently as possible. And so nobody will miss them when they are illegal – except for the killers.

Stop laughing! While the tweet (can you believe we live in an age where the word “tweet” is even a word, let alone a form of mass communication? I digress) is hilarious on its surface, the most essential part of it isn’t noticeable unless we dig. So, let’s dig.

  • First, Chris Murphy is a lying politician, and no politician gets to tell me what I need. I don’t care if it’s healthcare, a food type or a choice of firearm. Oh, and while we’re digging, it can’t be overlooked that the Second Amendment ain’t about hunting.
  • Second, I do in fact, need an AR-15 to defend my home. That’s why I own several of them. It’s my choice to decide what gun or guns work best for my home defense, not his, and I choose to need several AR-15’s.
  • Third, and this is where we get really close to unearthing the truth – mass shooters do NOT “NEED these weapons in order to murder as many people as efficiently as possible,” as the woefully ignorant Connecticut Senator states.

In his zeal to demonize the “weapon of war,” or as they also refer to it, the “weapon of choice” for mass murderers, Murphy forgot to mention that the Virginia Tech killer, as just one of many examples, used a plain old 9mm Glock 19 and a .22 caliber Walther P-22, (both handguns), to murder 32 human beings. Oh, and he did it “efficiently.” Of course, Murphy must know that handguns are used in the vast majority of “mass murders” and most other regular, run of the mill, Socialist-controlled, inner-city daily gang killings and robberies. He must know that right or can he be that dumb?

Assuming he does know that, then logic would dictate that Murphy is okay with a mass killer using a couple of plain old handguns “to murder as many people as efficiently as possible.” I mean, that is the logical conclusion of his tweet. But we can dig deeper. We can also conclude, because he tells us in no uncertain terms, that he wants to ban the AR-15. “Nobody will miss them when they are illegal – except the killers.” Again, Murphy makes it clear he is only targeting the AR-15. This seemingly confirms that I can safely assume that Murphy is just fine with mass murders as long as they are carried out by killers using Glock 19 and Walther P-22 handguns.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy
Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy

By doing so, he accomplishes, temporarily, the appearance of coming across as one of those, “Nobody wants to take away your guns” Socialists (except the AR is, in fact, a gun, but I digress, again). He has expertly provided himself some degree of plausible deniability by making it appear that it’s only the terrible black AR-15 that we need to ban. Like all gun-grabbers, (because of their allies in the mainstream media) Murphy gets away with this by the media’s repeated (calculated) failure to ask him why he is okay with anything other than an AR-15 being used “in order to murder as many people as efficiently as possible.

Of course, the Senator from (ironically) The Constitution State is merely leaving his hatred of other guns off the table for the time being. Unfortunately, he gets away with it because of a certain, and frankly, an astonishing degree of stupidity amongst the masses who fall for his deception. Murphy believes he can project his hatred of your gun rights onto the demonized AR-15 as it is currently politically expedient to do so on the heels of another mass killing, this time in New Zealand. By so doing he is hoping you won’t take notice of his hatred for all guns until the time is right.

In reality, Murphy and the rest of America’s gun-haters are only biding their time, waiting with the stealth of an apex predator before going for the kill. That pounce for the kill is the paradigm shift referred to in the title of this piece. It will occur when the Socialists (formerly known as Democrats) eventually get around to acting on the narrative they are slowly creating, with help from the media, that all semi-automatics are just as evil as an AR-15 and so too, are also worthy of a ban.

(The shift, will become more pronounced following New Zealand’s expected upcoming announcement that it is banning all semi-automatics. This will be used as a tool for American lefties to begin the shift in earnest as they beg for the same outcome here while holding up New Zealand as a “common sense” approach to “gun violence” in The United States. No Socialist running for president will oppose this viewpoint).

Because Murphy lacks any convictions, it’s the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from his tweet – unless he is okay with semi-automatic handguns being used by mass killers “in order to murder as many people as efficiently as possible.”

These folks make it too easy.


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