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New Jersey – -( This week on Gun For Hire radio, the Win-cam is active (woof, woof!) Anthony Colandro is running for NRA Board Member and we need your help to get the most informed, most vocal and utterly relentless voice of the 2A community elected!! Don’t forget to submit requests for Ant’s Rants on our social media pages or email

We must act. The time is now. “Bob Hugin will be better than anything we get from Senator Pumpkinhead,” says Anthony. We need to take back the Senate seats we need. Unfortunately, we don’t want to suffer the same defeat that the former Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey, Kim Guadagno suffered by taking a hard 2A line in the United States Senate race. So make sure you get out there and vote! Your destiny is in your hands. It’s so important that you vote your conscience. Let’s send a message to the Democratic Party that we reject the notions of a gubernatorial socialist, carpetbagging, progressive gutting our infrastructure, and stomping all over our civil rights and family values.

Speaking of voting… all of our listeners should be lifetime members of the NRA. If you haven’t joined already, do it today! Lifetime members in good standing, can vote for the NRA Board Members.

Anthony received a “Dear John” letter from the Secretary of the NRA letting him know that he hasn’t been nominated to be on the ballot for one of the twenty-five open seats on the board.

Thirty-three people were nominated, though, we aren’t sure if the Secretary was implying that some twenty-five percent of the nominees have no place on the Board. Some NRA Members running for the seats are famous 2A names like Carl Malone and Ted Nugent, but they aren’t as active as you’d expect them to be in regards to the firearms safety and training aspects of NRA community outreach and the state and local, legal battles we face. Oliver North, however, is very active and he’s also running for a seat this year, so good luck to “Ollie.” However, Anthony can still run on petition, and that’s where we are focused.

Cliff Toye and Gary Allison are pounding the pavement to get signatures for our candidate, but there can never be too many signatures. You can access the petition at and you can print the petitions out directly from the website. Just download and complete the petition, then mail it to: Gun For Hire, 1267 McBride Avenue, Woodland Park, NJ 07424 to cast your vote!

Sandi made the valuable suggestion, that gun club members should print out and post copies of the flyer and the petition at their local gun clubs, especially in New Jersey. You’d be surprised how many private gun owners are not active in the fight to keep our Second Amendment Right. Private gun owners need the support of the NRA to continue to be able to exercise their gun rights, whether or not they realize it. They are coming. One by one, in our courts and on our streets our Constitutional Rights are being refuted because of the progressives’ and the corporatists’ distain for the Constitution and every principle upon which our country was established. If we have a prominent voice in Washington, D.C. this will obstruct illegal bills and proposals meant to repeal our rights, keeping with the mores and standards of our Founding Fathers.

Getting on the NRA Board is just one facet of being NRA Board Member. Being a dissident board member would be a counter-productive result to what 2A activists are trying to accomplish, because it might mean that they won’t get any committee appointments. Anthony currently serves on three NRA committees, and unfortunately, not all board members can be on the committees. One way or the other, Board Member or not, Anthony Colandro’s dedication to Second Amendment activism will not be mitigated. If you are an NRA lifetime member in good standing, you can and should, vote for the board members that will best represent the intentions of the Second Amendment and the God given rights of Americans. Remember, the NRA Board Members are the very people that tirelessly fight against tyrannical bureaucracies through litigation and at public hearings, while taking every opportunity to remind the bureaucrats that we will not comply with the loss of our rights as American Citizens, in the face of arbitrary and irreverent legislation aimed at subjugating law abiding civilians.

ANJRPC published an update on the magazine ban and the carry law. The US District Court held evidentiary hearings in August of 2018. The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC) continues daily to fight the good fight, alongside the Coalition of New Jersey Firearms Owners (CNJFO) and the National Rifle Association (NRA) for the preservation of our Second Amendment Rights. ANJRPC cross examined the witnesses of the State and challenged the validity of their data with pertinent precedents, while our expert witnesses were formidable adversaries to the Prosecution’s case, unwavering and on the side of law abiding Americans. We may not hear anything until mid-September 2018 and remember that this December is the deadline for the “mag ban” if we don’t get the injunction.

We will continue, and encourage you, to follow our friends John Jillard and Mark P. Cheeseman on a voyage through the murky waters of the New Jersey State judicial system, while seeking restitution of their Second Amendment rights from the appeals tribunal. If you value your rights as an American, you should donate to the cause. “If you are tired of being told you do not have need for a 2C:58-4 Permit, please donate to the Case. Every dollar will go to defeating the Siccardi Rule and NJAC 13:54-2.4d-1.” The Cheeseman-Jillard suit is called “Support the Restore Carry to NJ cause,” and the GoFundMe page is

Anti-gun fanatics and religious extremists don’t care about protecting your children, but they still enjoy the same rights that you do. Democrats will say they care, but that’s about it. Anti-2A fanatics blamed everyone and everything for the shooting at the Madden Football video game tournament in Florida, EXCEPT the shooter or the unsuccessful system that failed to report that he was prescribed anti-psychotic drugs and had documented psychotic behavior. In other news, the dipshit judge in the New Mexico terrorist training camp for children case, released on signature bonds all those arrested and associated. As if it wasn’t awful enough that these “extremists” would be training their children to kill other children during school, they were also charged with the death of one of their own children, 3-year-old Abdul-ghani Wahhaj, who had been missing since December. All charges have been dropped. Where is “the left?” Tomi Lahren asks. Maybe they’re confused by the fact that radical extremists train to kill Americans and will even kill their own children, because it doesn’t fit their narrative. If you value the lives of your family, you owe it to them and to yourself to become proficient in self-defense. This means getting trained by professionals, and having the tough talks with your family about school shootings, about what is going on in our academic institutions and about their interactions with their friends and online. Remember, there is no replacement for good parenting. Your children will not be protected from the psychos of this world by MSM rhetoric, corporate logos and “too-big-to-fail” buyouts.

Anthony Colandro is running for NRA Board
Anthony Colandro is running for NRA Board

Anthony is hosting “Carry Guard” through Gun For Hire at the Woodland Park Range, and teaches that course and many others, as does Jimmy Grammenos, Charles Padula and Robert Prause. Our trainers are the best of the best and have been cited for numerous awards throughout the years from the NRA, other 2A groups that focus on firearms training and safety, and through local law enforcement initiatives. Jimmy and Anthony will both be given the “NRA Trainer of the Year Award” for 2018, and we are so proud of them!

Dick’s Sporting Goods got a swift kick in their profits after taking a company-wide, prejudiced and superficial, anti-gun stance earlier this year. According to Sandi, they are now blaming their failing sales and falling earnings on the fact that Kohl’s Department Store is selling Under Armour Brand sportswear. So we guess that condemning the oh, five million-ish law abiding Americans that own an AR-15 had nothing to do with it. Additionally, can you say, “straw-man argument…?” Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops are undoubtedly reaping the benefits of Dick’s flaccid, partial pull-out as a firearms dealer, and Dick’s deliberate disinformation about what constitutes an assault rifle. Micro-bloggers took to Twitter reminding everyone how Dick’s did the same thing years ago after a school shooting, claiming they would no longer sell “assault-style weapons,” a term considered to be a misnomer in the firearms industry. Eventually, Dick’s reinserted themselves in the market selling the same guns they said they wouldn’t sell under the guise of their outdoor and hunting chain, Field & Stream, only to pull-out once again this year, ejaculating platitudes all over the progressives. A little bit of the old in/out from Dick’s, eh… we wonder, but won’t be surprised, if Dick’s will proffer a similar clandestine sales platform again, when they’re hard up for cash that is…

There are still booths and tickets available for NJ SAFE Conference. for the link to the Facebook event page, for updates on presenters, attendees and vendors. The event is only $20 but worth so much more and there are still tickets left for NJ SafeCon 2018. New Jersey Second Amendment Firearms Education Conference also known as NJ Safecon is September 22, 2018, at the Cumberland County College in Vineland, NJ and we should all be attending. Firearms safety and gun rights advocates from all over New Jersey will be there. Anthony was will be speaking at the conference. Jimmy and Patty will be working a booth at the conference, and we hope everyone will come down so we can show our support for 2A and drive home the message: “Stand Strong, Stand Together, Stand A Chance!”

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