Altus Brands Donates 1,000 Bughats To Louisiana Coastline Clean-Up Effort

Altus Brands Donates 1,000 Bughats To Louisiana Coastline Clean-Up Effort

Altus Brands Bughats
Altus Brands Donates 1,000 Bughats To Louisiana Coastline Clean-Up Effort
Altus Brands
Altus Brands

TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN – -( Altus Brands, LLC, a Northern Michigan-based manufacturer of Bughats is extending a helping hand to the Louisiana coastline oil spill clean-up, by donating 1,000 of its hats to volunteers helping in the “Save Our Gulf” effort.

Bughats unique design will not only protect clean-up workers from biting insects, but also the sun, explained Altus Brands, LLC president Gary Lemanski, in announcing the donation this week.

“Following news about the spill caused us to think about what a small company could do,” explained Lemanski.

“And though large corporations and government are ramping efforts, we decided to do something quickly that might help a little. We’re in this together and need to help each other.”

Two groups will be receiving the free Bughats, a $25,000 value, this week: the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program. Both are active in the coalition to restore coastal Louisiana.

“Our biologists are on the water and in the coastal marshes daily supporting the wildlife rescue mission,” said LDWF Secretary Robert Barham.

“The department greatly appreciates this offer which serves our personnel well during the hottest months of our south Louisiana summer.”

The novel boonie style Bughats feature a fine, see through mesh netting that is conveniently stored in a zippered compartment at the top. When needed it is simply pulled down over the face and neck to protect the wearer from biting and pesky insects. They also provide protection from the sun.

The Altus Group president is hoping his company’s example will inspire other small businesses with products that can be used in the oil spill clean-up effort to make similar donations.

“The Louisiana coastline is a national treasure,” said Lemanski. “What happens to it affects the entire country. If a small company like ours can make even a bit of difference, then just think what can happen as the momentum grows.”

In that vein, the Altus Group will also be donating 10% of all future online sales of Bughats to support ongoing wildlife rescue in the Gulf Coast region. The special offer appears on the website.

A private company with headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan, Altus Brands LLC ( owns a diverse platform of companies that manufacture various types of outdoor recreational products.