Alternate Technique on H&K VP9 Pistol Ambi-Mag-Release Lever Use

By John Farnam

H&K VP9 Pistol Ambidextrous Magazine-Release Lever
H&K VP9 Pistol Ambidextrous Magazine-Release Lever
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Here is a H&K VP9 “flake” magazine-release alternate technique, from a friend and student on my recent HK ambi-magazine-release lever warning, from the other day.:

“I love H&K’s VP9 pistol‘s magazine release system!

The problem I’ve always had with Glocks (and some others) is that my strong-side thumb is too short to adequately depress the magazine release button on the left side of the frame, without significantly rotating my master-grip counter-clockwise (pulling the barrel toward me).

Otherwise, I can touch the button, but can’t depress it.

The VP9’s magazine-release lever allows me to adequately operate it with my strong-hand middle finger. I keep my trigger-finger indexed along the slide while depressing the magazine-release lever.

I believe anyone using their trigger-finger to operate the VP9’s magazine-release lever will find that it is much easier, and more positive, to use their middle finger instead.

For those of us with short thumbs, the VP9’s magazine-release lever solves our problem of compromising our grip during the loading/reloading process.”


We’ll doubtless be seeing many more H&K VP9 Pistols in Classes, and I may even start carrying a copy!

The above-described reloading technique may become the “standard,” but I’m still concerned with getting fingers that close to the trigger.

More to come on this!


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