Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair Field Review

Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair Field Review
Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair Field Review

Idaho – -( I’m going to do something different than I’ve ever done before on a Product Review. I got a product to test for one adventure and after checking it out I’m writing up a Product Review recommending it for a totally different use.

I had no idea in the beginning that it could be used for this dual purpose. Since I started out testing the Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair for backpacking and ended up recommending using it for a different purpose, I’m probably going to run another product review next summer using it for my original intent that was backpacking.

Here’s the story. My daughter and I recently received two Alps Mountaineering Dash Chairs to test. We were going to use them next summer backpacking.

Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair

We’ve been hunting for a stout and yet lightweight backpacking chair. We found exactly what we were looking for but on this product review, but I’m veering off in an opposite direction. Let me explain.

Yesterday Mark Green and I went out in the Owyhee’s to test out the Umarex .22 cal. Origin tipped off with a Burris 4.5-14x 42 scope, JSB pellets, and a Lucid Compact 9-27x56ED spotting scope. For whatever reason, I also threw in my new Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair.

We got done sighting in the Umarex Origin Air Rifle and I said let’s check out the Lucid Spotting Scope. We were checking it out and it hit me, I ought to whip out the Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair and have Mark sit in it while I was taking pics of him using the spotting scope.

Suddenly it hit me, this was the perfect chair to use when spotting/stalking.

Not only does the Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair elevate you up a little so you can see over rocks and sagebrush while glassing, but it is also much more comfortable than sitting on a pile of rocks.

If you’ve ever glassed much then you know, if you can’t sit comfortably for long periods of time then you aren’t going to glass for very long. I spot/stalk in the Rocky Mountains. They’re called the Rocky Mountains because…. Duh, they’re rocky. So, to glass, you have to carry a pad.

A decent pad can be semi-heavy and bulky. Why did I never think before about using a backpacking chair to set in while glassing?

They’re lightweight, not bulky plus they elevate you a little so you can see over the sagebrush and rocks. I can’t believe that I never thought of using one for spotting/stalking before. I’m going to start to recommend using them from now on in my GLASSING FOR BIG GAME seminars. The Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair is lightweight and compact so it won’t be a problem to strap it to my daypack when hiking up a mountain to glass.

Another feature that I like on the Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair is how easy that it is to assemble. I found a backpacking chair last summer left behind up in the mountains. Gee, it almost takes an engineer to assemble, I guess that is why someone left it to die. On the Dash, all of the brace work is shock-corded together in one piece. The actual seat has four corner tabs that fit over four prongs on the corners of the brace work. You can literally slap it together in mere seconds. It is the easiest to assemble a backpacking chair that I have ever seen.

If you do any glassing or setting on hillsides hunting you have to check out the Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair. It has a low profile so you will be semi-hidden but will be a lot more comfortable than sitting on a rocky mountainside. You’ll be able to sit still and glass longer. The MSRP is $89.99 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair FEATURES:

  • Compact foldable design
  • Durable all-aluminum construction
  • 420D polyester honeycomb ripstop fabric
  • Nylon mesh center fabric
  • Corner loops assist in assembly.
  • Carry bag features clips that attach to loops as an accessory pouch
  • 6″ x 4″ x 17.5″ carry bag


  • Dimensions: 23″ W x 21″ D x 27″ H
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 2 oz.
  • Seat height front/back: 13.5″ F / 12″ B
  • Seat height front/back: 23″ F / 14″ B
  • Back height: 27″
  • Total width: 23″
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.

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