Alliant Powder introduces sport pistol powder for precision shooters

Alliant Powder offers the Sport Pistol Powder to precision handgun and action shooters. (Photo: Alliant Powder)

The Sport Pistol Powder designed for handguns.(Photo: Alliant Powder)

Alliant Powder puts its mark on precision and action shooters, announcing the new clean burning Sport Pistol powder for handguns.

The Sport Pistol powder offers reliable cycling, charging and case fill as well as ballistics that favor popular loads. The new propellant delivers precise performance with a variety of bullet types; however it’s optimized for polymer-coated bullets due to the low muzzle-flash formulation. Alliant Powder says other comparable powders can often dissolve polymer coatings at the bullet base during ignition; but the new powder is specifically designed to preserve polymer coatings.

The medium-fast burning handgun powder boasts temperature stability, allowing for little velocity deviation for seasonal shooting competitors.

Made in the U.S., Alliant Powder says consumers will soon have their hands on the new formula, as it is in the process of being delivered to dealers now. The Sport Pistol will come in three flavors — 1-pound for $27.25, 4-pound for $99.70 and 8-pound for $184.75.

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