Alliant Powder Introduces Black MZ an Innovative Black Powder Replacement

Alliant Powder Introduces Black MZ an Innovative Black Powder Replacement

Alliant Powder
Alliant Powder

RADFORD, Va. –-( Alliant Powder introduces Black MZ, an innovative black powder replacement that withstands moisture and greatly reduces cleaning time and intensity.

Black MZ is designed for all black powder firearms and can be found on store shelves now.

Stay At-the-Ready
Muzzleloading takes a toll on black powder firearms. Alliant Powder’s new Black MZ helps maximize shooting performance by resisting moisture and adverse weather conditions. Hunters can stay loaded and ready in the field for days, only needing to insert a primer to get into the action. Black MZ won’t clump, corrode or fall victim to Mother Nature and helps keep a shooter’s attention focused on their trophy.

Maximum Performance, Minimum Headaches
Black MZ was engineered to deliver dependable ignition, lower barrel pressure and increased velocities. The clean-burning ignition of Black MZ is virtually non-corrosive, greatly diminishes fouling and offers more shots between cleaning sessions. Shooters can maximize their trigger time and avoid frequent and time-consuming cleaning. Wedged slugs, grimy barrels, stuck seater dies and dwindling accuracy are greatly reduced by Black MZ.

Exchange Recipes, Interact with Reloaders
Shooters can also gain some insight on Black MZ and other Alliant Powder products online, from others who share their passion. Some expert reloaders have revealed their favorite recipes and told their stories. Check out what they had to say: Or, to view some popular recipes, go to

Alliant Powder Black MZ Black Powder Replacement
Alliant Powder Black MZ Black Powder Replacement

Reloaders can also logon to, an advanced online community dedicated to reloading. This interactive, user-driven site is filled with helpful information. Reloaders of all skill levels can join to exchange tips and recipes, engage in discussions, share photos, videos and more. An easy-to-use reloading calculator is also available to help calculate and compare savings. Visit to check it all out.

“We’re excited about what Black MZ can do for muzzleloader hunters and black powder cartridges,” said Brand Director Rick Stoeckel. “Black MZ’s impressive performance derives from its high moisture tolerance and non-corrosive ignition. It helps take the hassle out of muzzleloading and immediately demonstrates its value to hunters and shooters.”

To learn more about Black MZ, view load data and check out Alliant Powder’s entire line of high-performing powders, please visit

Part No. Description
150524 BLACKmz—1 lb. bottle; 12 bottles per case

About Alliant Powder
For more than 125 years Alliant Powder has produced America’s best and most popular smokeless powders. Alliant Powder is part of ATK Security and Sporting. For more information and load data, visit or call 800-276-9337.