Alien Gear Holsters adds new car holster mount to ShapeShift lineup

Alien Gear adds the Driver Defense Holster to its series of ShapeShift accessories. (Photo: Alien Gear)

Alien Gear Holsters rolls out a new holster, this time designed for use in the car, debuting the ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster.

The holster comes standalone or in the Driver Defense Expansion Pack, delivering a non-invasive means to secure a firearm in the car without rendering it inaccessible in a pinch, according to Alien Gear. Compatible with the company’s ShapeShift Modular Holster System, the idea for the Driver Defense Holster came as way to help gun owners who need to secure their gun but don’t want a permanent solution.

“The Driver Defense Holster was developed as a solution for those who want less cosmetic changes to their car’s interior, but the same stability you would achieve with other mounts,” Alien Gear Holsters’ mechanical engineer Jacob Shearer said today in a news release. “With the holster positioned in the center of the seat, you can sit comfortably in your car for hours on end while ensuring fast and easy access to your weapon.”

The holster allows users to transport their firearms in the car without taking the gun out of the holster. (Photo: Alien Gear)

To operate, users can press a quick release button on the current ShapeShift holster and transfer the gun, with trigger full covered, to the Driver Defense Holster in one fail swoop. The car holster also works alongside the company’s Cloak Mod OWB Holster.

Backed by Alien Gear’s Forever Warranty and 30-Day Test Drive, the Driver Defense Holster is available through Alien Gear with a MSRP of $59 for the holster and $33 for the Expansion Pack.

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