Alabama Woman Shoots Home Intruder ~ VIDEO

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USA –-( WKRG TV 5 CBS reports 09-04-19 in Baldwin County, v, a 44-year-old woman is hospitalized after being shot Thursday morning in a home near Daphne.

The homeowner on Collier Loop Road was in the bathtub when her children heard a commotion in the front of the house. They go back and tell the mother that someone is in the house. The family doesn’t know who it is and they should not be in the house,” reports Baldwin County Sheriff’s Captain Clint Cadenhead.

It turns out it’s a woman she knew, who used to live there. The 44-year-old resident commands the intruder to get out of the house. The intruder does not leave. The resident gets a firearm out of the bedside table and again tells the intruder to leave. The Sherriff reports the information he has is the intruder then reached for the resident’s gun.

The intruder was shot once in the abdomen with a .38 caliber handgun.

The homeowner is shaken up but was not injured and is co-operating with investigators. The Sheriff added, “She says she’s never shot anyone, that’s what she told us.”

The names of those involved have not been released nor have the condition of the woman that was shot. It will be up to a Baldwin County Grand Jury to decide if anyone will face charges.


Statistics’ tell us the 90 to 95% of intruders flee if warned. That being said, the other 5 to 10% don’t. Try to dial 911 as soon as you realize there may be a threat and leave the phone off the hook.

A good practice here is to keep your distance from any intruder or keep some furniture in their way. That makes it less likely they will able to grab your firearm.

My talk show guest attorney commented that the intended victim here is probably OK in Alabama. In Nevada may be OK but will need a competent lawyer by her side. In California, she is likely to be arrested and charged depending on the county she lives in. A civil lawsuit for damages will undoubtedly be filed against the homeowner.

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