Air-Powered 3-Gun Taking Place at the 3-Gun Nation Texas Regional

3-Gun Nation
3-Gun Nation

Fort Smith, AR -( For the first time, an airsoft 3-gun match will take place at the 3-Gun Nation (3GN) Regional in Texas adding to an already exciting event. Rob “Coach” Potter, who started the International Air Shooting Sports (IASS) program, is heading up the air-powered 3-Gun match.

Umarex USA and Elite Force Airsoft are donating and presenting prizes.

Potter says of the match, “Currently the basis for our stages has been a modified International Air Steels Program/ Scholastic Shooting program course run under an ‘Unlimited’ division ruleset. Courses are timed and scored on a ‘scored as shot’ basis with penalties assessed by range officers. ‘Factory’ division rulesets have been implemented however are not standard. Now with 3-Gun Nation (3GN) adding the air division, we now will see how our courses hold up and compare to the firearm side.”

Traditionally, airsoft is played in various styles and formats, but often range from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios, C.Q.B. (Close Quarters battle), field, military simulations (MilSim), or historical reenactments. They are played in both indoor courses, and outdoor (fields). The 3GN Air Division looks to add the form and structure of traditional shooting matches with air powered guns. Participants in Texas will see an exciting line up of 1:1 replicas of their favorite firearms in airsoft form and a course that offers both static and dynamic targets, clays, as well as “Don’t shoot” and aerial targets that they would be able to both purchase and recreate in their own private settings.

Umarex USA and Elite Force are providing some of the airsoft guns used in the match, along with some of the prizes shooters have a chance to win. Some of the guns include: Beretta ARX 160, Elite Force M4 CQB, HK 45 GBB, HK USP, Elite Force Race Gun, Walther PPQ, Walther P99, and much more!

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