AAC debuts full-auto rated Ti-Raid 30 suppressor (VIDEO)

Billed as engineered “for hard use and hellfire full-auto abuse” Advanced Armament Corp’s new Ti-Raid 30 was announced Wednesday.

Compatible with .30-caliber rifles up to .300 Win. Mag, the Ti-Raid 30 is built from 100 percent Grade-9 titanium which produces a strong can that is full-auto rated while keeping the weight down to 20-ounces. Length is variable from 8.1-inches using a 5/8x24TPI direct thread mount that yields optimal accuracy, to an 8.5-inch configuration if using a fast-attach mount with a 90T taper.

The Ti-Raid 30 is available in either direct thread or fast attach variants. (Photos: AAC)

But how much does it drop the dBs? According to AAC, the Ti-Raid 30 tames .300 Win Mag down to 136 dB at the shooter’s ear (140 at the muzzle) and subsonic .300 AAC Blackout to 123 dB. The can is user-serviceable without tools and AAC says that, since it can accommodate any .308 bullet, it is perfect for all applications ranging from competition and defense to sporting use.

Retail is suggested at $1,199 for the direct thread variant while the fast attach model is $100 more.

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