A sojourn to spend time with some interesting full-autos (VIDEOS)

When most people say “submachine gun,” you think HK MP5s, STENs and UZIs. Here is one you may have missed.

Larry Vickers gets to have all the fun when it comes to burp guns lately, as he gets to squeeze out some 9mm from a WWII-vintage Steyr-Solothurn MP34. Designed originally by the German firm of Rheinmetall but banned for production in the land of schnitzel and Oompa music due to the 1919 Versailles Treaty, the MP34 was produced through the Swiss Solothurn firm– which Rheinmetall owned– in Austria by Steyr, hence the name. Though nowhere near as popular as the simpler German MP38 and MP40 sub guns, the select-fire MP34 was much better made and saw extensive service with customers as diverse as China and Bolivia.

Want something more modern? How about Vickers zipping away on the new AM-17 from Kalashnikov while on a tour in Russia below? The same concept as the above minus the wood, just chambered in 5.45x39mm making it an actual assault rifle rather than an SMG. Also, did we mention it is integrally suppressed? Because it is integrally suppressed.

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