A Glaring Example Why Gun Owners Should Never Comply ~ VIDEO


New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- We will not comply.

Let’s take a look at standard magazine compliance rates in America.

In New Jersey, there are no examples of any law-abiding resident turning in magazines since the law went into effect on 12/10/18, not a one. We have seen the same in Connecticut and New York with less than 3% compliance rates in each state respectively.

The people have had enough; what we are seeing is a phenomenon of law-abiding citizens exercising an undertow of civil disobedience. People are now at a point where these laws that do absolutely nothing to lower crime but only make law abiding citizens criminals have had enough.

The so-called “high-capacity” magazine ban reversal in California last week, re-legalizing those same mags, also gives more hope and resolve that the tide is turning for us and is a gleaming example of why no gun owner should ever comply with laws infringing on the Second Amendment, ever.

It is still a significant risk to possess standard capacity magazines since mere possession in NJ with no firearm present and no other crime being committed is always a class three felony with 18 months in prison per magazine with a minimum $10,000 fine. Tens of thousands of people are taking this risk. [some of us are risking life sentences and millions in fines and lawyers fees.]

Lawmakers should note that even though they pound their chests and say “at least we are doing something” they are doing nothing to lower crime. But in fact, they are slowly bringing more average law-abiding citizens to our side for the fight as more and more and made into criminals.

Many more useless laws are coming, and soon a flashpoint will set the entire scheme on fire. You can only subvert peoples rights so much before they strike back.

Stay educated and spread the word. What happens in NJ doesn’t stay in NJ.

Stand Strong

Anthony Colandro
Capitalist Marksman
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I will Not Comply Rebellion Free Speech
The so-called “high capacity” magazine ban reversal in California last week shows that the tide is turning & is a gleaming example of why no gun owner should ever comply with laws infringing on the Second Amendment, ever.

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