8 Budget Friendly Shotguns for the Hunter in Your Life

A hunting shotgun doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, Guns.com has put together some great budget deals for you. Just in time for the holiday, here are eight hunting shotguns under $250.

Winchester Model 1300

The Winchester 1300 is a classic looking shotgun. (Photo: Guns.com)

Since its introduction in 1981, the Winchester Model 1300 has been a staple in the field and clays courses alike. The Model 1300 is known as the “speed pump” shotgun for its ability to cycle quickly. This 12-gauge offering is chambered for 3-inch shells and sports a 28-inch barrel.


Escort Field Hunter

The Escort Field Hunter is an affordable pump-action shotgun. (Photo: Guns.com)

Long viewed as a budget brand, Escort guns are reliable and built for the field with availability in 12- or 20-gauge. Hunters will also enjoy the ribbed barrel, fast action and three interchangeable chokes that come with the gun.

Great for the hunter who is just beginning, Escort’s clearance price can’t be beat.


Ithaca 37 Featherlite Deerslayer

The Deerslayer has a 20-inch barrel and rifle sights. 

The Ithaca Model 37 is another design that can be chalked up to John Moses Browning. The shotgun went into production in 1937 and has been a consistent companion for many hunters ever since.

This 12-gauge shotgun features a 20-inch cylinder bore barrel with rifle sights and a 2.75-inch chamber. Don’t sleep on over 80 years of heritage and reputation, this gun is priced to move.


Escort M87

The Escort M87 has a striking appearance for a budget shotgun. (Photo: Guns.com)

Another Escort shotgun hits our list, this time in the form of the M87. The gun is striking for the price point, offering a walnut stock and blued steel receiver and barrel.

Hunters will appreciate the shotgun’s ribbed barrel and fiber optic front sight which ensures easy target acquisition. This gun won’t be a burden in the woods as it’s relatively lightweight at 6.8-pounds unloaded.

The 12-gauge is chambered for 3-inch shells so you’ll be able to take anything from birds to deer with this gun. With a 14.5-inch length of pull and a 28-inch barrel, the Escort M87 is ideal for the hunter in your life.

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Mossberg 500 Camo

The custom Cerakote paint job on this Mossberg 500 makes it unique and destined for the woods. (Photo: Guns.com)

The Mossberg 500 is touted by the company as “the most prolific and reliable shotgun in the world” and many hunters agree. This 500 features a mid and front bead for easy target acquisition along with a custom Cerakote camo paint job that will allow hunters to easily blend into the surrounding woods.

This firearm also features a ported barrel and three choke tubes for precise shot placement. The ambidextrous safety and 4+1 capacity make this 12-gauge shotgun the perfect fit for any hunter.


New England Firearms Co. Pardner

The Pardner is a great single-shot option (Photo: Guns.com)

The first single shot to grace this list comes in the form of the Pardner from New England Firearms Co. This gun has a beautiful appearance with the case hardened receiver that contrasts nicely with the wooden stock and foregrip.

This shotgun has been around since 1893 when it was originally manufactured by Harrington and Richardson. It became an especially popular shotgun design because of its few moving parts and lightweight build — weighing only 6-pounds unloaded.

This 20-gauge break-action shotgun would do well for any varmint hunter who wants to go old-school and embrace the single-shot life.


Sears Ranger

The Sears Ranger is a budget shotgun with a sense of nostalgia. (Photo: Guns.com)

Back in the good ‘ole days, you could buy just about anything from Sears — including guns. The Ranger happens to be one of those remaining Sears-branded models. Available during the 1930s, the company eventually ceased sales during World War II. Touted as “a fast, well-balanced gun, at a sensationally low price” The Ranger is in great condition despite its age.

For the hunter who likes to take to the woods with a sense of retro style, the Ranger is the perfect blend of function and nostalgia.


Stoeger P3500

The P3500 is a no-frills shotgun that performs well above its price point. (Photo: Guns.com)

The P3500 debuted at SHOT Show in 2017, appealing to budget-minded hunters. This pump-action 12-gauge shotgun is chambered for the heaviest 3.5-inch magnum shells sufficient to take a variety of game at varying distances.

There is nothing fancy about the P3500 with its black synthetic stock and foregrip but hunters won’t find anything to complain about with this 12-gauge. If you’re looking for an affordable model that performs way above its price tag the Stoeger P3500 would suit you well.


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