7 Handgun Training Videos for Free

Paul Markel
Student of the Gun's Paul Markel

Student of the GunBiloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland) Are you confident in your ability to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones?

During a high stress encounter you WILL NOT rise to the occasion, you will simply default to the level of training you have mastered.

We will walk you through some simple steps to help prepare you. Student of the Gun has furthered their commitment to building better, more confident shooters and armed Americans by offering 7 Training Tips for free via direct stream video.

The simple to follow, to the point Training Tips include: Handgun Shooting Fundamentals, Universal Safety Rules, Dry Practice, Drawing and Reholstering, Economy of Motion, Fighting with a Gun, and Clearing the most common Stoppages. Paul Markel has been teaching safe and effective use of firearms to the US Military, Law Enforcement, and Citizens alike for better than two decades and now you can avail yourself to this first class training.

Simply go to the recently updated Student of the Gun website and click on the orange button. After you confirm your email address (a Spam-Fighting measure) you will begin receiving these videos, one per week for seven weeks.

You will also be among the first to know about firearms related education and information and the top of the line SOTG material including their so-to-be award-winning television and radio shows.

Student of the Gun; a Beginner Once, a Student for Life.

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