4 Optics Perfect for Varmint and Small Game Hunting

Small game hunting often requires precision, and for that varmint hunters need a good scope. Choosing a rimfire scope may seem daunting as there are a variety of models to choose but we at Guns.com pulled together four options to remove the guesswork.

Sig Sauer Whiskey, Tango Series

sig sauer tango scope

The Sig Sauer Whiskey scope brings quality glass to hunters who want to use the scope on multiple platforms.

Precision rifle shooters often opt for rimfire rifles during practice sessions to brush up on those fundamentals without breaking the bank and Sig Sauer offers a range of scope models designed to move seamlessly between platforms. The Tango and Whiskey series by Sig Sauer deliver ballistic reticle and magnification options in addition to sporting quality glass with a clear field of view.

Hits: Great scope value, ballistic reticle options, solid turret clicks, clear glass to the edges of the lens
Misses: Some reticles tend to be a little heavy for finer target work, scope too hefty on some models

MSRP: Whiskey 3 Series $114.99 to $289.99, Tango 4 Series $499.99 to $799.99

Burris Fullfield

burris fullfield varmint scope

The Fullfield is one of Burris’ earliest designs and most battle-proven.

Based out of Colorado, this US company has been an innovator in the optics industry with 40 years of optical witchcraft and engineering. One of their most successful scopes to date is the Fullfield. Introduced in 1975, the Fullfield was the first to use a multicoated lens to help with low light transmission. Now offered in a variety of models, including the Fullfield E1 and Fullfield II, the series delivers a ballistic reticle for accurate holdovers. Other models of interest outside of the Fullfield domain include the Droptine, MSR, and Predator. Though mostly marketed for high powered rifles for large game hunting, Burris provides great mid-range scopes that can be used on any coveted rimfire.

Hits: American company, quality glass for value, solid click values on the turrets
Misses: Fuzziness at the lens edge at full power on some models

MSRP: $189.00 to $379.00

Nikon Buckmaster II Series

nikon buckmaster scope

The Nikon Buckmaster series offers longevity and durability. (Photo: Jeromy Knepp/Guns.com)

Nikon’s Buckmaster II series offers a solid scope for calibers ranging from 22LR to 300 Winchester Short Magnum. Using clear glass, the Buckmaster opts for repeatable, covered turrets. Nikon also offers this optic with a Bullet Drop Compensating reticle or BDC. The Nikon Buckmaster II series delivers longevity, clarity and quality customer service to owners.

Hits: BDC reticle, repeatable turrets, clarity of glass at any power, customer service
Misses: Nikon should bring back the parallax adjustment to this line of scopes

MSRP: $129.95 to $159.95

BSA Sweet Series

bsa sweet scopes

The BSA Sweet is an affordable model perfect for varminters watching their wallets. (Photo: Jeromy Knepp/Guns.com)

BSA might cause some head-scratching from discerning scope aficionados but for those cost-conscious consumers looking for a quick fix for rimfire rifles, the BSA Sweet delivers decent power range options, bullet drop compensated turrets and parallax adjustments. For small bore rimfire use, the BSA is a winner.

Hits: Wide power range, screw-in scope covers on some models, bullet drop compensating dials 
Misses: Edge of glass fuzzy at max power, spongy feel to turrets, lack of elevation for flat base mounting over 200-yards

MSRP: $61.99 to $153.99

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