22Plinkster’s Flying Peppermint Trick Shot (VIDEO)

22Plinkster really doesn’t mess around when it comes to trick shots. We came across him a while ago when he hit a piece of swinging dental floss at 30 feet. As impressive as that was, evidently that wasn’t hard enough. This time, he tried to one-up himself with this flying peppermint shot.

Why is it a flying peppermint as opposed to, say, a sitting peppermint? Well, at first he tried shooting a peppermint off a golf tee at 30 feet, but that was too easy. Then he tried tossing a peppermint into the air so he could shoot it down, and that was still too easy. Finally, he had to resort to tossing the mint over his shoulder with his off-hand. Check out the action for yourself:

He only misses the mint once before converting the candy into a mint-scented cloud. While we’re not suggesting anyone go out and try some of these trick shots, if you were this would be one to begin with. When you think about it, it’s not much different than shooting clays. All you need is your trusty firearm and a few pieces of candy.

But if you do decide to start honing your trick shot skills, then we would like to remind you of the third law of gun safety: always be sure of your target and what’s behind it. Trick shots can potentially be dangerous because you’re shooting at moving targets, so just be aware of your muzzle and careful that there aren’t any people anywhere within a 180-degree arc in front of you when you try this shot.

And who knows? If you make the shot, maybe you can upload it to YouTube to achieve moderate Internet fame. At the very least, you should be able to impress your buddies.

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