.22 for Self-Defense? CCI 40 gr Mini-Mag Test (VIDEO)

I’ve shot the SR22 enough to say that even with premium ammo, it doesn’t always pick up the next round. Especially on a full magazine. And even though it has a large firing pin that strikes with a bunch of force, if there are bubbles or gaps in the primer where that firing pin hits, there’s a good chance it won’t fire and cycle.

Tests like this show that .22 is better than bad breath and curse words, but if you’re going to carry a rimfire handgun for self-defense, please, make it a double-action revolver.

Even with the best ammo there’s a chance the primer won’t detonate; in that case, you need to be able to pull the trigger again to get off your next shot.

There are a bunch of .22 Long Rifle DA revolvers, but I have to tip my hat in the Ruger LCR’s direction. It’s all about DA trigger, and the LCR is simply the best.

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