2019 POMA Board of Directors Election ~ Vote For AmmoLand’s Own Kevin Reese

AmmoLand News’ writer and contributor Kevin Reese is running for a 2019 board seat on the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA).

Kevin Reese
Kevin Reese

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Fellow Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) members:

There are just a couple days left to play out our 2019 POMA Board of Directors election process. As is the case every year, our POMA family is faced with the difficult task of deciding who will take the reins from those whose terms as directors are now coming to an end. Since 2005, directors past and present have truly exemplified integrity-driven leadership and familial focus in the best interest of our collective success, not just for our industry but for our treasured heritage as well. It’s with that same spirit and focus that I humbly ask for your vote again in our current POMA Board of Directors Election.

Professional Outdoor Media AssociationAssuming a director role again for our amazing family would be more than a leadership opportunity for me, it would afford me a great opportunity to continue to pay back what has been gifted me through many years of mentorship and membership. Since joining POMA in 2008 and serving on our board of directors from 2012 to 2016, the personal and professional blessings I’ve experienced over the years are countless. In addition to these blessings, I hope you will consider the benefit of experience. Having served on the board previously for nearly four years, one year as treasurer, I was an integral part of board leadership through an exceptionally challenging period.

As an industry media member, my story is not as much about fireworks and accolades as it is about the advice my Pop gave way back in my teenage years, “Son, if you ask a thousand girls to dance, one of them is going to say yes.” I grew up in a home where lack of education was made up for in desire, determination and the relentless pursuit of perfection; of course, because of POMA, my quest is in the creation of quality multimedia content. It’s also worth stating here that because of my industry work (rooted in POMA membership) I was also able to finish my degree although desire, determination, and a pursuing spirit continue to be ever-present.

As a board member and advocate for mentorship, I promise to invest myself into a mentorship-minded agenda whereby we drive towards increased and improved mentoring within our ranks and beyond to those who show both talent and a desire to become productive members of our family and our industry while embracing stewardship of our outdoor heritage.

Considering a favorite book of mine by Russell Gough, “Who Moved My Cheese,” as we continue to see trends towards digital publishing, social media, and other valuable influencer channels, education and guidance are more important than ever for many of us. Like many industries, our only constant has become the change, and we need to know how to look for an opportunity (cheese) in new places. As a board member, I will pursue opportunities to generate avenues of diversification, mentorship, guidance, and education to better assist in finding our cheese.

Lastly, in exchange for your vote, I am offering my word that I will work diligently to uphold the integrity and member-focused values exemplified by our leadership in years past. I understand that I have big shoes to fill but am confident that those shoes will fit. I now ask for your confidence in me.

To learn more about me and my campaign for a seat on our board of directors, please visit the candidate page at www.professionaloutdoormedia.org/2019-board-of-directors-candidates/ and click on “Kevin Reese.” While you’re there, be sure to cast your vote!

Best regards,

Kevin Reese
POMA Voting Member
Past: POMA Board of Directors, Treasurer