2019 ILEETA Conference After Action Report ~ VIDEOS


St Louis, MO –-(Ammoland.com)- This year’s ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators’ and Trainers’ Association) annual Conference in St Louis, MO has wound down.

Big vendor area, as always.

Many wonderful, and well-prepared, classes on a wide variety of subjects.

Of note:

The new Aimpoint Comp-5 is about the size of a T2, but runs on a single AAA battery.

Aimpoint’s small ACRO RDO is now in production. Designed to be small enough to mount conveniently on pistols, I’m anxious to mount a copy on an M4!

The “Blue Training Knife” is convenient for edged-weapon defense training. Successful cuts are marked with amazing “disappearing ink.” You can see it at bluetrainingknife.com

The same company also makes “Handcuff Tape.” Applied to wrists, this product makes cuffing training much less painful than before.

Video simulators become more sophisticated every year.

The “wraparound,” experience is now the trend. Students now enjoy a 180 degree, sometimes a 360 degree “stage.”

Milo, IT, Lasershot, and Virtra all had systems on display.

Virtra’s is, far and away, the most advanced and sophisticated. Amazing experience!

Blackhawk’s new duty holster, the “T-Series,” features a one-button (thumb) release, for both Level II and Level III retention. This will supersede the SERPA!

A company called Challenge Targets makes very sophisticated steel pistol target plate-racks and “Texas Stars.”

The ILEETA Conference should be attended by all LEOs involved in training!

We’re advancing the Art!


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