2015 Survival Trial Race of Champions (RoC)

Four Survival Trial Veteran Teams Squaring off in the Winterborn Arena

Survival Trial - Race of Champions
Survival Trial – Race of Champions
Survival Trial
Survival Trial

Albuquerque, NM -(Ammoland.com)- Survival Trial proudly presents the very first Survival Trial Race of Champions (RoC) to be held at the beautiful NRA Whittington Center in NE New Mexico.

This is a highly anticipated race that is several years in the making now, but has come into fruition. The RoC is designed as the toughest, most demanding Survival Trial of each year and I have invited an extremely select few to put themselves to this Ultimate Test.

The 2015 Race of Champions will take place during the STIX: Winterborn on March 6-8, 2015. Winterborn is the first Survival Trial of each year, taking place in the cold weather months in the High Desert Terrain and in the Lower Foothills of the Rockies. Winterborn reflects the beginning of Life: cold and lonely.

The RoC is a 48 Hour Trial with each team having competed in a 48 Hour Trial in the past with two teams having competed in previous Winterborn Trials.

But this gives no one Team an advantage over another.

Meet the Competitors:

Team Terra Victor
Team Terra Victor

1. Team Terra Victor

  • STIII: Winterborn: 1st Survivors
  • STXII: Daybreaker: 4th Survivors
Team .40.40
Team .40.40

2. Team .40.40

  • STI: “By Moonlight” Survivors
  • STIV: Daybreaker: 10th Survivors
  • STVII: Daybreaker: 3rd Survivors
Team Rally Caps
Team Rally Caps

3. Team Rally Caps

  • STII: “By Daylight”: 1st Survivors
  • STIV: Daybreaker: 3rd Survivors
  • STV: Sundowner: 7th Survivors
Team CRG
Team CRG

4. Team CRG

  • Survival Trial .0 Survivors
  • STII: “By Daylight” Survivors
  • STIII: Winterborn: 2nd Survivors
  • STIV: Daybreaker – 12th Survivors
  • STV: Sundowner – 4th Survivors
  • STVIII: Sundowner – 72 Hour 1st Survivors!

This will be a great Trial. Stay tuned for more…

About Survival Trial

The Survival Trial is a 24-48 hour event, focused around real world survival-based events with both firearms and primitive tools. The Survival Trial is open to Solo Competitors and 2-person Teams and no two Survival Trials are the same; enter into it with a very open mind. Good luck!