2015 ‘Polite Society’ Tactical Conference, Memphis, TN

By John Farnam

2015 'Polite Society' Tactical Conference
2015 ‘Polite Society’ Tactical Conference
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- The 2015 “Polite Society” Event at the MPD Academy in Memphis, TN last weekend, ended yesterday.

Hosted by my famous friend and colleague, Tom Givens, this annual Conference has grown into a major entry on my personal training calendar!

This year, Memphis was cold and rainy, but outdoor range classes, including mine, went as scheduled. There were many lecture and hands-on classes indoors, and I did my best to attend them all!

Instructors included:

  • Bigley
  • Haggard
  • Lindenman
  • Givens
  • Harper
  • Johnson
  • Higgenbotham
  • Murphy
  • Ayoob
  • Gosa
  • Weems
  • Keepers
  • Burch
  • Sharp
  • Holschen
  • Reed
  • Rehn
  • Causey
  • Hearn
  • Hayes
  • Branca
  • Werner
  • Hoops
  • Aprill
  • Topper
  • Dobbs
  • Douglas
  • Fry
  • Moses
  • Thomas
  • Bigley
  • Kulscar
  • Werner
  • Greco
  • Bolky
  • Ellifritz

and me.

Subjects included use of cover, weapons retention and disarms, witness dynamics, video studies, demographic trends, fitness, women’s issues, trigger control, couples tactics, urban terrorism, shotgun, knife fighting, successfully dealing with the criminal/justice system, holsters, low-light, other legal issues, using Rotator Steel Targets, and more.

As I listened, watched, and participated, here are some issues that stuck in my mind:

Complicated terrorism issues. Many competing interests. Hard to predict. In any event, the future of Western Civilization looks bleak!

During a hands-on (Simmunitions) class on managing distance and circumstances, I was astonished at the profound indecision, approaching complete paralysis, displayed my many participants when they were confronted by clever and aggressive panhandlers! The best strategy was almost always to immediately break contact, disengage, and separate. But, curiosity and a sincere tenancy to want to “help” kept many “hovering” in a dangerous place, often actually inserting themselves between armed combatants. Suicide, as they quickly discovered! Good lessons for participants themselves, and observers.

My esteemed colleague, Mas Ayoob, presented the best of his lectures I’ve ever attended! He eloquently pointed-out the way witnesses often vary widely in their recollection of events.

Bottom line: When you’re not specifically looking for something, you won’t see it! He showed us the phenomenon multiple times via assorted examples. Brilliant!

Bill Aprill taught us the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. I didn’t know there was one!

John Hearn, Claude Werner, Linda, Hoopes, Tom Givens, and Marty Hayes all had meticulously-researched presentations, from legalities to technicalities. I should, of course, mention everyone, but there isn’t space!

Attendees were range officers and other Operators from around the country. Comradery was contagious!

Attendance is strongly recommended for all aspiring Operators and other serious students of our Art.

Not to be missed!


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