2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference Live VIDEO Feed

Watch the live feed of the 2015 Gun Rights Police Conference online at AmmoLand. Brought to you by the Polite Society Podcast.

Gun Rights Policy Conference
Gun Rights Policy Conference
Polite Society Podcast
Polite Society Podcast

Phoenix, AZ – -(AmmoLand.com)- Polite Society Podcast hosts Paul Lathorp, Rob Morse and others will be your hosts for this live feed from inside the 2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference taking place in Phoenix AZ,  September 26 & 27th 2015.

Watch national gun rights leaders and your fellow grassroots activists at the 30th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC 2015) discuss the lattest news and events that effect your right to keep and bear arms across the USA.

This is your once-a-year chance watch the live video feed of leaders in the gun rights community, get an insider’s look and plan pro-gun rights strategies for the coming year. Past Gun Rights Policy Conferences have outlined victory plans and made public the latest firearms trends. They allow you a first-hand chance to hear movement leaders, and make your voice heard.

This year we’ll take a look at critical issues such as: bans on semi-auto guns and magazines, “smart” guns, concealed carry, federal legislation, BATFE policies, gun show regulation, state and local activity and the most recent Right to Keep and Bear Arms court cases.

In between we will have Polite Society Podcast hosts, comment and up date you on the topics discussed.

Broadcast Times:

  • Saturday September 26th 8:00am – 6:00pm PST
  • Sunday September 27th 8:45 – 1:45pm PST

About Polite Society Podcast:
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