2011 Maryland Session Gun Bills Status Update

2011 Maryland Session Gun Bills Status Update

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore
Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore

Maryland –-(Ammoland.com)- As predicted, the gun bills began appearing in the second week of the Session.

We are seeing the normal fare, including the expected exploitation of the Tuscon shooting by Senator Frosh. Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez is jumping on the anti-gun agenda with what is expected to be a crossfiled House bill identical to Senator Frosh’s SB 162.

What is unusual this Session is the number of crossfiled bills with 8 of the 13 bills filed to date being crossfiled. Depending on whether or not the House Judiciary Committee holds its hearings on the same day as the Senate Judicial Committee this could make our task more or less difficult.

We are currently reviewing several of this year’s “anti crime” bills to see what mischief may be lurking in the details.

Senator Frosh Files Anti-Gun Legislation – Committee Hearings Scheduled

While it may not be the main event for this session, the first “Gun Bill Day” will be in the Senate on Thursday, February 10, 2011.

This is somewhat early in the Session so it appears that Senator Frosh, Chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee is eager to promote his anti-2nd Amendment agenda. Be sure to check the new bill information and hearing links in the Useful Links During the 2011 Session section below.

HB 9 Carry Permit Reciprocity – Hearing – After Action Report

The hearing went quite well. Most notable were the number of pointed questions asked of the Maryland State Police.

Click here to view the “standard” video recording of the HB 9 hearing.

Click here to read or download HB9 (Note: West Virginia was omitted by Legislative Services and will be added to the scope of the bill by way of amendment when Delegate Smigiel introduces his bill before the Committee.)

Your support is STILL needed to advance this bill. Last session, this same legislation failed in a 10-10 tie vote. Please focus your efforts on the following members of the committee (remember to keep your communications polite and respectful):

Click here to E-mail members the House Judiciary Committee

Gun Bills Filed
The following gun bills have been filed to date. They are listed below categorized under bills we should support or oppose.

NOTE: Clicking on the bill number will link you to the MLIS bill information page. Clicking on the bill title will link you to the actual bill text.


HB 9
Regulated Firearms – License Issued by Delaware, Pennsylvania, or Virginia – Reciprocity
Synopsis: Specifying that a license to carry a regulated firearm, including a concealed regulated firearm, issued to an individual by Delaware, Pennsylvania, or Virginia is valid in Maryland.
HEARING DATE: heard on 01-25-2011 SUPPORT

HB 91
Courts – Bankruptcy – Arms
Synopsis: Authorizing a person to claim an exemption in specified bankruptcy proceedings for arms in an amount not to exceed $2,000 in value; and applying the Act prospectively.
HEARING DATE: none scheduled SUPPORT


HB 252 – SB 239 (crossfiled bills)
Crimes – Possession of Loaded Handgun or Regulated Firearm – Enhanced Penalties
Synopsis: Prohibiting a person from wearing, carrying, or transporting a handgun loaded with ammunition on or about the person or in a vehicle under specified circumstances; prohibiting a person from possessing a regulated firearm loaded with ammunition under specified circumstances or if the person is under the age of 21 years; establishing penalties, including mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment, for violations of the Act; etc

Note: There is no provision exempting persons who have no prior criminal record and who are simply carrying a firearm for personal self-defense, and who cannot obtain a carry permit due to the restrictive anti-self defense policies of the Maryland State Police.

HOUSE HEARING DATE: none scheduled

SB 161
Regulated Firearms – Applications for Dealer’s License – Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements
Synopsis: Requiring the Secretary of State Police or the Secretary’s designee to disapprove an application for a State-regulated firearms dealer’s license if the Secretary or designee determines that the applicant intends a specified person to participate or hold a specified interest in the management or operation of the business for which the license is sought; requiring licensed dealers to keep records of specified information; etc.

Note: Just another liberal anti-gun paper chase to make becoming a firearms dealer as onerous and unappealing as possible.


SB 162 – HB ? (House crossfiled bill coming)
Firearms – Detachable Magazines – Maximum Capacity for Ammunition
Synopsis: Altering the maximum capacity for ammunition in a detachable magazine for a firearm that can be manufactured, sold, offered for sale, purchased, received, or transferred; and altering the number of rounds of ammunition in a magazine or an assault pistol which, when used by a person in the commission of a felony or crime of violence, results in that person being guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to specified penalties.

Note: Far be it from Senator Frosh to miss an opportunity to exploit the Tucson tragedy to further his anti-gun agenda.


HB 79
Task Force to Study the Creation of a Maryland Center for School Safety
Synopsis: Creates yet another short-term “feel good” to study school safety and produce a report that few will ever hear of and fewer still will actually read.

HB 161 – SB 174 (crossfiled bills)
Criminal Law – Use of Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence or a Felony
Synopsis: Prohibiting the use of specified firearms in the commission of crimes of violence or felonies; and defining “firearm”.
HOUSE HEARING DATE: none scheduled

HB 172 – SB 173 (crossfiled bills)
Criminal Law – Diminution Credits – Possession of a Regulated Firearm by Person Convicted of Crime of Violence
Synopsis: Decreasing the number of days per month that an inmate serving a term of confinement that includes a consecutive or concurrent sentence for a crime of possession of a regulated firearm by a specified person prohibited from possessing a regulated firearm is allowed as a deduction in advance from the inmate’s term of confinement; etc.
HOUSE HEARING DATE: none scheduled


HB 241 – SB 240 (crossfiled bills)
Criminal Law – Restrictions Against Use and Possession of Firearms
Synopsis: Expanding to all firearms the prohibition against the use of a handgun or an antique firearm capable of being concealed on the person in the commission of a crime of violence or felony; increasing the maximum term of imprisonment applicable to a violation of the prohibition against possession of a regulated firearm by a person who was previously convicted of a crime of violence or a specified drug- related crime from 5 to 15 years; etc.
HOUSE HEARING DATE: none scheduled


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