2 for 2A – Day One, Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

2 for 2A Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus
2 for 2A Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

Minnesota – -(AmmoLand.com)- With the new 2019 legislative session starting in just about ten days, we’re launching a new action campaign leading up to the opening session to ensure that everyone is prepared and ready to engage as we face a massive onslaught of gun control in the Minnesota House.

The new campaign is 2 for 2A. Two things you can do TODAY to help defend the 2nd Amendment in Minnesota.

We launched the campaign with a brief video two days ago outlining the first two actions. Since we’re catching up in this e-blast, there will be four actions that you can take today. They will take you less than ten minutes to complete.

Future emails will only have the two daily actions from that day for you to complete.


  • Sign-up for your State Representative’s mailing list. If your State Representative was just elected for the first time in November, their mailing list won’t be set up until the new session starts in January. We’ll send you a reminder at that time to get signed up.
  • Sign-up for your State Senator’s mailing list. If you don’t know who represents you as your State Representative and State Senator, use this link to find out.

Most Representatives and Senators send out a weekly newsletter outlining their current priorities, constituent office hours, and any town hall meetings they may be having. You should try and make it to any town hall and ask questions about their support for gun control.

If you can, get audio or video of their comments and share with us at contact@gunowners.mn.


  • Find your local city council’s mailing list and signup for their alerts
  • Find the mailing list for your county commissioners and signup for their alerts. What you’re looking for locally are discussions about legislative agendas and anything related to gun control. As we’ve seen over the past year in cities like Eden Prairie and Saint Louis Park, many cities and counties are beginning to try and take up gun control measures.

They’re also putting gun control on their legislative agendas and attempting to influence legislators to pass gun control during the upcoming legislative session.

If you find any gun control items on your city or county’s agenda, let us know right away at contact@gunowners.mn.

Watch our political director, Rob Doar, in a brief video outlining these two action items.


  • BECOME A SECOND AMENDMENT DEFENDER: If you’re not already a monthly contributor as a Second Amendment Defender, click here to become one now.
  • BECOME A MEMBER OF THE CAUCUS: If you’re not already a member of the Caucus, click here to make a one-time membership payment to become a member.
  • DONATE: Make an additional donation to help support our efforts by clicking here.
  • VOLUNTEER: Signup as a Volunteer.
  • ATTEND AN EVENT: Join us for one of our upcoming events – including Gun Owners Lobby Day and the Defend the Second Amendment Rally at the State Capitol. Click here to see our events calendar and RSVP.

It’s going to be a very difficult legislative session. We need you as a part of the team – and at events as they happen over the coming weeks. We’re focused on the fight and avoiding distractions as we seek to stop all gun control efforts in 2019 & 2020.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Yours in Liberty,

Bryan Strawser

P.S. The best possible thing that you can do to support our efforts is to become a Second Amendment Defender. Our monthly contributors help fund our ongoing operations, ensure that we have the resources that we need to take the fight to the gun controllers, and help us predict what those resources will look like in the coming weeks.

Minnesota Gun Owners CaucusAbout Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus:

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is a non-partisan, single-issue Minnesota nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to the full restoration of firearms freedoms in Minnesota. The Caucus is a IRS recognized 501(c)(4) organization. Learn more on their website.