2 arrested after failed gun shop smash and grab (VIDEO)

The vigilant actions of authorities in Lakewood, Colorado, led to the prompt arrest of two suspects who engaged in an unsuccessful smash and grab at a local gun shop Wednesday.

Just before 3 a.m., the suspects attempted to gain access to The Gun Room by ramming a car through the front door. But the concrete barriers in front of the store prevented the thieves from getting inside, so they left the car – which was stolen – and fled the scene.

Acting on a hunch, local authorities started scouring other area gun stores and, sure enough, around 4 a.m., they found the suspects trying to get into another gun shop about six miles from the failed smash and grab.

The two cars driven by the suspects, Cortez Dennis and Travell Young, were also stolen. Dennis and Young were promptly arrested and no guns were stolen.

[ CBS ]

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