1st Amendment Versus 2nd Amendment Rights

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Gold Beach, OR –-(Ammoland.com)- I previously wrote of fighting the proposed encroachment on our 2nd Amendment Rights using the model of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

This included mandatory punishments for violations of the law, expanding the information available for background checks, and encouraging people to report those who could be a danger if armed.

The push by the Progressives and Liberals to further restrict our 2nd Amendment gun rights continues. Did they feel the same about restricting any of the other rights in the Bill of Rights? Let’s start with the 1st Amendment.

Many citizens were being injured or killed in automobile accidents caused by talking or texting on cellular telephones. Were cellular telephones banned outright? Was an age limit placed on owning a cellular telephone? Were background checks required on anyone wishing to carry a cell phone? Was texting banned? The answer to all of the above is a resounding “NO”. What, then was done.

Law or regulations were put in place to impose a fine on those caught talking on the cell phone or texting while driving. Do they take away your cell phone if you are caught breaking the law? Again, the answer is “no”. You can have all the gadgets in your car you can afford to allow you to continue to talk on the cell phone and text if your cell phone has enough gadgets. To summarize, a costly slap on the wrist is what you can expect regarding the 1st Amendment and cell phone use in automobiles.

Let’s look at the use on the internet, an excellent example of our exercise of the 1st Amendment right to free speech. It has been widely reported in the news of the cyber bullying that has led to citizens/students committing suicide or hate crimes. What should we do?

If you use the standards being used to limit the 2nd Amendment Rights, we will have to do the following:

  • Place an age limit on those wishing to buy a computer/smartphone or set-up an internet account.
  • Perform a background check on any purchaser of a computer, Smartphone, or anyone seeking internet access.
  • Limit access to social media sites.
  • Require a special permit to have a computer/smartphone that is concealed from view.
  • Limit the speed and storage capacity of hard drives and SD cards.
  • Take away wireless capabilities for internet access.
  • Ban use the internet for life of anyone convicted of bullying or causing a death or injury to another.

Do you think this is ridiculous? It is exactly what the Middle Eastern countries are doing to their citizens. Their citizens are also disarmed. How is that working out for them?

Food for thought…..

– Georganne Greene