1791 Gunleather Now Shipping Mossy Oak Bottomland Holsters

1791 Gunleather partnered with Mossy Oak to offer new holster options. IMG 1791 Gunleather

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- 1791 Gunleather and Mossy Oak recently broke the internet and had Mossy Oak fans going crazy when they announced their collaboration to produce the first leather holster in the iconic Bottomlands pattern. This highly anticipated new holster line not only eloquently secures your firearm but also adds a layer of protection for the rigors of everyday wear.

1791 Gunleather Mossy Oak Bottomland Holsters

“Mossy Oak’s hard-core outdoor enthusiasts and passionate hunters love the classic, timeless look of Bottomlands, and we knew we had to develop a holster for them to exercise their 2nd Amendment right in style,” said Alex Toussieh, 1791 Gunleather’s Chief Operating Officer. “The Mossy Oak Family has such deep roots in hunting, and being able to work together to bring something new and exciting that is built specifically to their customer base has been very rewarding.”

1791 Gunleather is now shipping these handcrafted multi-fit holsters that can accommodate a wide range of firearms – from compact semi-autos to full-sized – along with optic-equipped models. An open-bottom design allows for threaded barrels. The durable holsters are designed to perfectly mold to your handgun for a secure fit and stand up to everyday use. Mossy Oak belt holsters are available in Bottomland Camo trimmed with brown or black leather.

Like all 1791 Gunleather products, Mossy Oak Edition holsters are backed by a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They’re now shipping and available at local retailers, wholesalers, and online stores.

To learn more and browse the full lineup of premium holsters and leather goods, visit www.1791Gunleather.com. To see our lineup of Mossy Oak holsters, visit www.791gunleather.com/mossy-oak/.

About 1791 Gunleather

On December 15, 1791, the United States Supreme Court adopted the Second Amendment as part of the Bill of Rights, promising individuals the right to bear arms. We chose to include the year 1791 in our name to signify our deep respect for those rights.

Every 1791 Gunleather piece is handcrafted one-at-a-time using 100% American-made materials. Four generations of professional leather artisans painstakingly integrate innovative materials with high-quality components, to deliver the versatility found in each piece. From the moment you receive your 1791 Gunleather product, you’ll recognize the uniqueness and perfection that distinguishes us from our competitors. 1791 Gunleather offers a Lifetime Warranty on every single product we craft. 1791 Gunleather is perfect for any condition and duty-ready for tactical applications as well as everyday carry. www.1791gunleather.com

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