170 Ohioans lose carry license over bad training

One-hundred and seventy concealed carry licenses in Lake County, Ohio, have been invalidated after an instructor allegedly did not properly instruct his students, The News-Herald News reported Monday.

A spokesman with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office told the newspaper that the instructor, who was properly licensed, had been offering what he called “fast track classes,” which did not teach the legally required curriculum — how to properly store and travel with a firearm as well as practical applications like going to the range. In turn the students would have to retake the training courses.

The instructor, whose name is not being released as he has not yet been charged, instructed residents across Lake County, often making house calls and handing out completion certificates. These certificates were then used to obtain CCW licenses, according to the report.

Carry licenses in Ohio saw a decline in 2014 compared to the previous years, the newspaper reported. In 2012 Ohio issued 64,650 new licenses, which was then a record, and in 2013 the number jumped to 96,972. Coupled with renewed licenses, the totals for 2012 and 2013 were 76,810 and 145,342, respectively. But The number dropped significantly in 2014, with 58,066 new licenses and 110,212 licenses total.

The Lake County Prosecutor’s Office has since taken over the investigation and will determine if charges will be filed against the instructor.

The prosecutor’s office also will determine if any of the students committed wrongdoing and knowingly sought out a class that did not provide the required education and training.

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