14-year-old accused of killing delivery driver for pizza (VIDEO)

The family of a man who was murdered earlier this month sat in a Lawrenceville, Georgia, courtroom Friday and listened to the shocking truth as investigators explained what they believed was the motive behind the murder: Four pizzas.

Jermaine Young, 21, and Reginald Lofton, who is just 14 years old but being charged as an adult, both face charges over the March 1 murder of Papa John’s delivery driver 28-year-old Shane Varnadore. Authorities do not know for sure who killed Varnadore, as both suspects point to the other as the one who pulled the trigger.

Detective Matthew Kenck said when Varnadore’s body was discovered, a ticket for an order was lying next to him. That ticket led them to the apartment shared by Young and Lofton. Kenck stated while executing a search warrant, authorities discovered the empty pizza boxes associated with the order, as well as an ill-hid handgun believed to be used in the murder. Kenck also explained that Varnadore was found with cash still in his pockets.

“At the time, it appeared that all that had been stolen was the pizza,” Kenck said.

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