12 Survivors GeoTrek Trekking Poles & GeoPath Hiking Staff Explore New Ground

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USA -(AmmoLand.com)- Renew your sense of adventure with 12 Survivors GeoTrek Trekking Poles and the GeoPath Hiking Staff.

Many extreme thrill-seekers consider trekking poles and hiking staffs essential equipment for increased stability and efficiency when navigating challenging terrain.

Constructed of rugged, high-grade aluminum, the GeoTrek Trekking poles and GeoPath Hiking Staff come equipped with easily adjusted twist-locking mechanisms for quick on-the-fly length adjustments, durable anti-shock technology with interior springs, and non-slip grips for ultra-reliable trail performance. The Trekking Poles and Hiking Staff also feature trekking- and snow-baskets for improved handling and support in icy, rocky or softer environments.

GeoTrek Trekking Poles

12 Survivors GeoTrek Trekking Poles
12 Survivors GeoTrek Trekking Poles : https://tiny.cc/u6vddy

GeoTrek Trekking Poles are prepared to pioneer your next expedition while providing optimal safety and reliability. These multipurpose poles also provide a reliable way to hold up the rain fly on your tent, supplying added shelter from the elements. With 5 inches of custom rubber, no-slip grips and a removable tip for increased versatility, the GeoTrek Trekking Poles are designed specifically to aid any outdoor enthusiast in their quest for natural world adventure.

GeoPath Hiking Staff

12 Survivors GeoPath Hiking Staff
12 Survivors GeoPath Hiking Staff : https://tiny.cc/97vddy

The 12 Survivors GeoPath Hiking Staff is a modern take on the traditional walking stick. The GeoPath Hiking Staff’s rugged aluminum construction, comfortable foam grip and sleek, practical design provides the perfect support to help outdoor enthusiasts conquer those treacherous trails. GeoPath staffs also provide welcomed support and stability for everyday walkers in virtually any environment. The GeoPath Hiking is ready to serve as your constant companion for whatever adventure you choose.

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About 12 Survivors:

12 Survivors is a modern brand concept built around positive principles and support of the outdoor lifestyle, providing quality products such as knives, multi-tools, tents, first-aid kits, backpacks and other innovative gear to meet the demanding needs of survivalists, preppers, campers, hikers and hunters.

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