10 Year Old Killed by Accidental Airgun Shooting At Firing Range

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10 Year Old Killed by Accidental Airgun Shooting At Firing Range
10 Year Old Killed by Accidental Airgun Shooting At Firing Range
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- WCMH-TV Channel 4 news reports (8/19/2016) in Garner, Iowa, a young boy has died after an apparently accidental shooting at a firing range.

Police say in a news release that the 10 year old, of Clear Lake, suffered a head wound Sunday afternoon from a pellet gun at the Garner shooting range.

The Garner City Administrator said Wednesday that the boy and a younger brother went to the range with their grandfather. He said exactly what occurred at the range Sunday remains unclear, but no charges are expected to be filed.

Police have characterized the incident as an accidental shooting death.

Local Media announced that funeral services are organized, and a benefit fund has been set up for the family of a 10-year-old killed in an accidental shooting. People wishing to give a gift to the family in the boy’s honor can donate to the Cade Hartwig Trust at Clear Lake Bank and Trust.


Gun safety rules apply to pellet & BB guns too!

Modern air & CO2 guns launch projectiles with what can be really high velocities. These obviously can be lethal if improperly used.

Children watch really stupid stuff with guns on video games and TV all the time. Adults must keep an eye on youngsters 100% of the time when learning about guns.

Years ago I had a case where an unsupervised 12 year old was critically injured when he shot himself in the chest. He was showing how tough he was to a girl of the same age.

He eventually recovered but the neighbors who gave him the unsupervised access to the air rifle lost lots of money in a lawsuit over his medical bills.

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