10 Things you didn’t know about the Terminator (VIDEO)

With Terminator Genisys set to reboot the world’s most infamous time traveling cyborg this week, the folks at WatchMojo.com bring you ten little known bits of trivia about the franchise.

These include the craptastic ideas that didn’t make it on screen (such as a robot dog!), Edward Furlong’s voice cracking issues, the fact that there really were two Sara Connors and questions over just how the the whole John Connor time loop curse thing works. In all the series has spanned five films, a television series, and a ton of comics graphic novels since springing forth on to the world in 1984.

In short, kids that are under 30 have never experienced a time when there was no threat of Skynet becoming self-aware looming on the horizon.

James Cameron, we salute you.

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