10 Reasons Hunting Should be a Woman’s Sport of Choice

By: Claire Eckstrom, Intern at Powderhook.com

Claire Eckstrom Turkey Score
Claire Eckstrom Turkey Score

1. Coming face-to-face with a bull elk could add that necessary element of danger your day job is lacking – because avoiding Steve from accounting has become too easy.2. It’s a much cheaper way to get organic meat than Whole Foods.

3. All of your friends think that you’re a real-life Katniss, which reminds them why it’s in their best interest to stay on your good side.

4. It opens a whole new realm of possible comebacks to “make me a sandwich.”

5. That sunrise pic from your deer stand doesn’t even need a filter #nofilter #camoselfie

6. Hunting boots are a nice break from those blister-inducing stilettos.

7. When asking for extra vacation days to go on your guided Alaskan grizzly hunt, there is freedom to interpret your boss’ shocked silence as a “yes.”

8. Puppies. Brand-new bundles of furry joy that will someday be your partner-in-crime in the duck blind.

9. There are few better ways to blow off steam than at the shooting range.

10. Last but not least, you did most of the work bringing the “groceries” home, so asking your significant other to do the cooking is completely valid.

Claire Eckstrom is a Nebraska native who is just as comfortable in stilettos as she is in her hunting boots. She will graduate with a degree in fashion design and an emphasis in entrepreneurship in December; Claire then plans to pursue her masters in fashion business in either London or New York City. Hunting is part of her family heritage, having grown up in fields and blinds throughout the state, but western Nebraska captures much of her outdoor spirit. Many memorable days have been spent pursuing deer and fowl at Ducklore Lodge property near Lisco, Nebraska. While in Lincoln, one can find Claire getting involved with her church community, planning for another trip across the US, or at the archery range preparing for deer season.

An intern at hunting and fishing spot marketplace, Powderhook, Claire gets to combine her passions for the outdoors and design while at work.

Links: www.powderhook.com