1 Year Anniversary of Parkland Massacre & Gun Banners Continue to Spread Their Lies

A year after Parkland, Democrats engage in blatant emotional blackmail and incredible lies to push disarmament agenda on Americans.

Official Gun Control Playbook
Official Gun Control Playbook

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Today is the one year anniversary of the Parkland High School Mass Shooting, in the days leading up to today, Mainstream Media outlets such as the NY Times, MSNBC, Rolling Stone and others have predictably stirred up a boiling cauldron of emotional blackmail, seasoned with outrageous lies, re-interviewing select victims family members as well as parading “survivor” and media darling David Hogg for all to see.

You might be wondering why I put “survivor” in quotes when referencing Hogg, well, it’s really quite simple. He ISNT a survivor in any normal sense of the word. By all accounts, Hogg was in another building, on the opposite side of the sprawling campus from where the attack took place. He was never anywhere remotely close to being in any physical danger. Calling him a “victim” or “survivor” is just as absurd as if I claimed to have survived a plane crash because I happened to be at the airport when one occurred somewhere on the grounds.

The same holds for Emma Gonzalez. As the overhead image of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High Campus shows, Gonzalez was also in a completely different building on the campus, albeit closer to the site of the attack than Hogg, but still far from any immediate danger.

Overhead Image Of The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High Campus
Overhead Image Of The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High Campus

Gonzalez has taken a somewhat lower profile role in the student push for extreme gun control, particularly after the “Never Again” March on DC last Spring. Hogg, however, is another story. He has eagerly prostituted himself out for the radical Gun Control powers that be; it’s obvious he loves the attention and limelight, its equally apparent his puppet masters have done a comprehensive job of indoctrinating him in the intricacies of their Official Gun Control Playbook of arguments. (see lead image above)

Just the other day, Hogg was being showcased by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and made the outrageous claim that an AR15 had an effective range of 1500 meters and would “only be used by someone hunting humans” and almost verbatim quote of language used by notorious Congressional Gun Banner Dianne Feinstein within the last couple of years. One thousand five hundred meters is over 1600 yards! In less than 30 seconds of Googling one can discover that the actual effective range of an AR15 is 300 to 500 yards. So Hogg tripled that when he lied. Furthermore, even the most extensively well trained Military Snipers would have difficulty making an accurate shot at 1600 yards from the target.

Sen Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Congressman Ted Deutch introduced a bill to Ban Magazines
Sen Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Congressman Ted Deutch introduced a bill to Ban Magazines

As this was going on, in equally transparent exploitation of the tragedy, Sen Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Congressman Ted Deutch introduced a bill to reinstate a 10 round magazine capacity limit as Fed Gun law, arguing that standard capacity magazines are somehow responsible for the acts of Mass Shooters. Of course, they and the media conveniently left out several relevant facts. Facts like the Parkland Shooter used 10 round magazines, facts like the VA Tech Shooter also used 10 round magazines in the Walther .22 caliber pistol he used. Facts like the Attorney Generals Investigation report on the Sandy Hook Massacre stated that multiple magazines were found on the floor only half expended, meaning the shooter changed them at around the ten rounds fired mark.

An even more damning fact is the DOJ/NIJ study of the effectiveness, or lack thereof of the now expired prior “Assault Weapons Ban” which also mandated a magazine capacity limit of ten rounds. The report unequivocally stated that there was “NO statistically measurable effect on violent crime “ as a result of that law.

Further, there are millions of standard capacity magazines already in public hands, and there is NO way to track them. They are not serialized or in any other way “traceable” they are also a durable good and can be expected to survive in the supply chain for decades to come. It’s even true that firearms magazines are hardly an advanced piece of technology. They are nothing more than a simple piece of sheet metal folded into a specific shape, filled with a spring, follower and having a baseplate attached at the bottom. Your average High School Metal Shop student could easily make a serviceable magazine of any capacity desired in an afternoon.

What this means in the Real World is that criminals will do what they always do, ignore laws that Politicians like Menendez, Deutch and others swear they will abide by, which leaves legal gun owners and lawfully armed Citizens at a distinct disadvantage when defending themselves and their loved ones.

But Gun Control has never actually been about punishing criminals and those that abuse their rights and leaving the law-abiding alone to enjoy their freedoms to the maximum extent. Its always been about control, control over the American People, argued for by people that haven’t the faintest clue what they are talking about.

At its core, Gun Control is a morally, ethically and intellectually bankrupt argument. How do we know this? Just listen to the words of those that support it. There’s no reason to intentionally lie to people unless you have an ulterior motive and something to hide. And Gun Control supporters lie as a matter of standard operating procedure.