“You Should Be On Survivor!”

Before I start today I’d like you to check out a new advertiser on who just came on board today.  It’s called the Bar-ricade and it’s a pretty neat little piece of equipment – simple, but effective.  The best kind of gear in my opinion.

On to the post…


silent movie

Silent movies... ahh, sometimes I wish we could return to them.

Over the years several people have told me, “You should be on Survivor!”  because I’m comfortable in the outdoors and know a couple of things about survival.  Honestly, I’d never seen an episode, so I recently turned to Youtube and checked out a few short episodes to get an idea of what it’s about.

My initial reaction?  Typical Hollywood silliness. Eating stuff that  most people consider disgusting, standing on pylons in the middle of a lagoon, voting people out of the “tribe” or off the show, different types of mock combat, or whatever.  I didn’t actually see much of anything that looked like it might have anything to do with real survival.

I’m sure if you’re looking to be entertained and you like this kind of thing then this show would be awesome.

One of the challenges I watched had to do with eating raw seafood that had been put through a blender.  First of all, I’ve eaten snails, raw scallops and clams, and other stuff that would probably gross a lot of folks out, but I sure didn’t do it to help my tribe win immunity.  Second of all, where do you get a blender out in the wild?

Anyway, I saw what the program was about and even why it might be as popular as it was, but I have zero desire to have anything to do with it.  (Not that there have been agents knocking on my door begging me to come on the show.)

Real survival usually involves hunger, thirst, exhaustion, exposure and a fair amount of fear.  The real kind, not that stuff dreamed up by Hollywood producers to gain ratings.

Reality TV

The Real World was the reason I quit watching TV back in 1992.  I looked it up on Wikipedia to research it for this post and it’s actually still on the air after 28 years!!!  Yet another testament to why mainstream media and the vast majority of the American public are out of touch with reality.  Reality TV is anything but real, but you can’t convince most people of that!

My buddy Joe over at Prepping to Survive just wrote a post dealing with the government deficit.  He starts with an excerpt of a story from USA Today and then says:

What you didn’t see this article? Perhaps that’s because it wasn’t the lead story. No, the winner of American Idol headlined today’s edition of the newspaper. Whether the paper reflects the interest of most Americans, I don’t know.

Dead on!  People don’t want to hear bad news and they’ll ignore it to see what Kim Kardashian is wearing to the film festival.  (What exactly did she ever do that was noteworthy by the way?  Is she an actress or something?)

I’ll stop beating this horse now, but I still refuse to watch reality TV and there’s no way I’d appear on Survivor.  Now if Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury wanted me to come along on a survival trip that would be a different story!

Do you watch reality TV?

-Jarhead Survivor

BTW:  What’s your guess on when Greece will exit the Eurozone?  Come on, you know it’s gonna happen!