Win a FREE Bar-ricade Home Door Security Bar

You know, the SHTFblog advertiser? The owner offered to send me a free product to test and review, saying:

How can we do a product demo?  I’ll gladly send you a bar, but do you want to try to kick in your door in?

Lol – nah, trying to kick my door in doesn’t make my “to do” list. I think the product looks great for the right home in the right location, though. So instead of getting a door security bar sent to me, I suggested we send a bar to …. YOU! Or, to be more precise, one of you. Bar-ricade dude loved the idea.

Scope the video of this product:

So longer-term readers may recall the giveaway drill. I pose a question, you comment (answer the question) on the blog post, one week goes by, I go to, enter the total number of comments, get the random number, and select that commenter to win.

Note to email subscribers: you gotta visit the site to comment, replying to the auto-generated email with your answer does not count.

Note to all commenters: logic would say the more times you comment, the better your odds of winning. Logic fails in this instance. Multiple comments from the same IP address will disqualify you.

Final note to all commenters: if you don’t fill out the email address section, I can’t contact you if you win; but have ye no fear! I ain’t gonna spam ya.

Now before we get to the what is probably a somewhat predictable question, let me first pose a couple informative home security links Bar-ricade dude has written:

How secure is your home?

How I break into homes.

Now the question: Why do YOU need the mighty Bar-ricade?

While I’m not going to pick answers based on the quality of the response, simply saying “Hi” or “Pick me” ain’t gonna cut it.

Good luck. Winner gets announced one week from today.

– Ranger Man